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The familyWorking in France!

Welcome to AIMLong.ca!

If you’re like most of our readers, you’re a pastor or an individual who’s interested in growing the church in a foreign country, specifically, in France. You either support us financially, prayerfully or are part of our network of “moral support”. Regardless… thank you for taking an interest and stopping by!

Our family arrived in France in January, 2015 with the task of assisting career missionaries from the United Pentecostal Church to grow the church in France and to teach in their Bible School.



Now more than ever…

Thank you for your concern, we’re safe…
(more in our latest blog post)


Overview of the site:

  • The Mission: The United Pentecostal Church in France and religious practice in general.
    • The Destination France in general and, specifically, where we’ll work.
    • The Dream: The process by which God led us to hear, understand and accept His call to France.
    • The Team: The missionaries with whom we’ll work most closely.
  • The Need: The financial need associated with our AIM appointment.
  • The Blog: Weekly updates on our involvement (Saturdays, 7:00am AST).
  • AIMKids: is the “Kid-focused” part of the site… with updates on our kids and tools to help your kids or kids’ group pray for our kids & grow in their ability to talk to others about Jesus.
  • Contact Us: via Social Media, email & traditional mail.


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