Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

Today’s post title is not so much a reference to the coffee I’m drinking (I have a lovely, hot cappuccino parked on the side table as I write), in stead, it’s more a reference to the fact that I often invite you to sit down & get news on our goings on over a cup of coffee…

… and it’s been a while (Feb. 12 to be precise).

I seem to have begun more and more posts that way over the past year or two. There are times when I wonder about the future of the blog, whether I’ll continue or not. On one hand, a reduced impetus to write regularly would seem to argue for a ‘walking away & letting it go’, but on the other hand, it’s been part of our life (and life-line) ever since we began making plans to come to France, making it hard to just let go at the same time.

After all… what does one do with blog content when one stops blogging… where does it go to live? …or does it just ‘get archived’ in the depths of the interwebs?

In any case, today’s not the day, I’m still writing…

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