Pledge / PIM Form

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If you are ready to commit to supporting us financially (one-time donation or monthly giving),
Please download and print a copy of our

Pledge / PIM form – (click here)


American supporters:

  • Mail the form and/or any funds to:
         Global Missions/AIM 
         8855 Dunn Road
         Hazelwood, MO
         Note:  AIM Mike Long (171805)
  • Funds can be given through your local church as well, please remember to designate to AIM Mike Long (171805).
  • Churches will recieve Global Missions-giving credit, for donated
    Individuals will recieve Charitable Giving Income Tax deductions.


Canadian supporters:

  • If mailing ONLY the pledge form mail to:
    Global Missions/AIM
    8855 Dunn Road
    Hazelwood, MO  63042
          Note:  AIM Mike Long (171805)


  • If mailing pledge form + Funds, mail to
        Albert Foster
        Post Office Box 406
        Maple Ridge, BC
        V2X 8K9
    Make cheque payable to “UPC of Canada”  indicating: AIM Mike Long (171805)


  • Local Church Giving: Funds can be processed through your local United Pentecostal Church as well.  Make cheques payable to your local church with a notation indicating “AIM Mike Long (171805)“.


(dbl pldg card)

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