AIMLong meets #BOTT14


I am SO excited to connect with new and old friends at #BOTT14.


Memory of the first time with the Manguns

After more than 16-17 years in Pentecost and several years of watching BOTT via simulcast at Capital Community Church in Fredericton, NB, it’s so incredible to finally get to POA. When I was very new in the church, Raymond Woodward and E.E. Goddard were my pastors and they organized a number of Prayer Summits, at which the Mangun family always played a key role.

I remember very clearly the night in 1996, probably within my first twelve times in that church, that Sis. Vesta Mangun stood behind the pulpit, tall and stately, and said… “If you’re not on your feet, jumping and making some kind of noise in praise to God, there’s something wrong with you!”  Still a good baptist at that point, I remember thinking “I’m not jumping or noisy, but I’m OK… thanks just the same.”  Now here I am, all these years later… one of you fine people(jump & noise included!)

Thank you! 


… for expressing interest in and discussing our upcoming AIM Term in France (beginning in January 2015).

I’m also looking forward to connecting with various ministry friends that I haven’t seen in a number of years. You have each put something of yourselves into me, meaning that you too are part of what God is doing and will do in France.

I believe Jimmy Toney once said the following (and in doing so, aptly describes our story as God has been preparing and continues to prepare us for AIM):

“If you see a turtle sitting on a fencepost,
you know he didn’t get there by himself.”

How to help?

You can directly help in a couple of ways:

  • Video: Watch the 10:01 video introducing the project to get a sense of our heartbeat and the work that awaits us; click here .
  • Pledge Form: If you already know that you’d like to support this AIM project, click here for a .pdf version of our pledge form
  • Presentation: I’d love to come to your church in 2014 to present our burden.
    – If it’s within driving distance of New Brunswick, Canada… count me in.
    – If not, would you consider a live Skype presentation in the context of your service?
  • Keep up to date:
    – WordPress users, click follow WP (top right of this page)
    – Receive updates via email by clicking followEmail (top right of this page)
    – Facebook users, search for and like AIMLongFrance
    – Twitter users, follow @RevMikeLong

Unsure where to go from here and wanting to read a bit more?  Here are three suggestions:

  1. The Dream: how God led us to hear, understand and accept his call.
  2. Invitation to Dream: what God downloaded into my spirit on Sept. 1, 2012
  3. About Mike Long: a short intro of who I am and what God’s done in my life

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