Shaping history!

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Notre Dame Cathedral… over 700 years old.
(just let that sink in for a minute)

700 Years is a long time… a very long time.
In North America, a significantly “old” historic landmark is more likely to be in the 2-300 year range and the thing is, in France… monuments dating back to the 11th & 12th centuries are if not “a dime a dozen”– quite common.

If you consider the practice of religion to be, in the broadest sense of the term, a relationship with God, then France has had one for a very long time.

Like with any relationship, there are high points and low points, times of intimacy and times of distance… and one hopes that the latter are fewer and further between than the former.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that France is currently experiencing a low point in their relationship with God, as are many western societies, as they wrestle with various challenges.


One cannot talk about societies without talking about individuals, for it is they who make up the society as a whole. It is for this reason that we find ourselves in France… looking for those individuals who are wanting to renew what can be qualified at best as a nominal relationship with a God who has always desired intimacy.

France definitely has a spiritual history and
we’re here to help shape the spiritual future…
one small step at a time.

You are called to do the same thing there where you are.
…to help shape someone’s spiritual future,
for in doing so, you shape a society.

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One Birthday and a Wedding

One Birthday and a Wedding

Today, our second child and first son, Dominic turns 15. His name means “Belonging to God” and to watch him pray at the altar with others and respond in worship encourages us that he is living up to his name. May he daily discover and rediscover the love of a Father that is much greater than that of his earthly father and may that carry him throughout his entire life.

Happy Birthday Dominic!

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Someone’s Always Waiting…

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Just like in the Paris metro… there’s ALWAYS someone waiting!

Sometimes Missions is about the big events…
Planning, organizing, facilitating, registering, reminding, etc.
but in between those big events, there can be a lot of down time. and that’s why the ability to wait is an especially valuable one.

Lord let me live my life in such a way that, during the down time, I am always keenly aware that someone in my immediate surroundings might just be waiting… for you.

Help me be sensitive to you and to the moving of the Holy Ghost inside me, so that I pick up on the sometimes subtle cues that will let me know that that person’s waiting… because there’s always someone waiting.

They’re waiting for a kind word, a word of encouragement, a helping hand and maybe for a true move of God in their life…. They’re waiting, and I’m waiting… (sometimes I may be waiting for the next big thing to organize)
I have time on my hands
I have your word in my heart
I have a word of testimony on my lips
I have your blood at work in my life
I have your Holy Spirit…
prompting me…

…toward the one that’s waiting.

God bless you as you look around you today… for that someone who is waiting,
waiting for the God you represent.

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What is Pentecost?

What is Pentecost?

I recently had someone ask me about the meaning of Pentecost.  Interestingly enough, here in France, Pentecost is a long weekend and Monday is a holiday… but what’s the holiday behind the holiday. Similarly… just as turkey is associated with Thanksgiving, ham to Easter and perhaps goose (or again Turkey) to Christmas, so in France, meat producers have been trying to associate veal with Pentecost… Giving the Thanksgiving turkey, the Easter ham, the Christmas goose, and… the Pentecost Veal. Commercialism isn’t dead… it’s very much alive. But that’s not Pentecost.

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Go ahead… Flourish!

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Leaf of my zelkova bonsai (Japanese Elm).

Proverbs 11 goes into great detail distinguishing between what it refers to as “the righteous,” “the just” or “the merciful” and “the wicked,” “the fool” or “the cruel.” 

There are many benefits to doing one’s best to manifest righteousness:
not feigned righteousness
not self-righteousness
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