Short-Term Missions: Beautiful Knots

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Welcome to day 13 of
30Days-30Pics: Defining Short-Term Missions.

Remember when you were a kids & learning to tie your laces (pre-velcro) and you wound up with a knot? Or are you a knitter and you’ve ever found yourself at the end of a ball of yarn and it gets into a grand knot? Or what about you ladies who brush long locks and your brush hits a knot?

Your reaction?  …. a frustration-laced eye-roll perhaps?
Today we’re talking knots!

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Short-Term Missions: 3-Cup Days

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Welcome to day 12 of
30Days-30Pics: Defining Short-Term Missions.

I recently read an internet meme that said…

“I don’t drink coffee to wake up.
I wake up to drink coffee.”

Can anyone say amen!? I’ve had days like that and I’m sure you have too. This is one way in which short-term missions is similar to serving the Lord at home: Some days are definitely three-cuppers!

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Short-Term Missions: Fringe Benefits

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Welcome to day 10 of
30Days-30Pics: Defining Short-Term Missions.

There are many reasons why people take part in short-term mission trips and I like to believe that first and foremost among those reasons is that they want to impact another part of the God’s Kingdom. There are naysayers however who openly imply that such trips amount to little more than Christian tourism.

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Short-Term Missions: Great Role Models

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Welcome to day 7 of
30Days-30Pics: Defining Short-Term Missions.

Today’s post is directed at both potential short-term missions participants and to the parents of potential short-termers.

Teens and young adults are seeking people to look up to in their ongoing attempts to define who they are and who they’ll become. Ask one about their hero and they’ll name a sports player, an entertainers, a superhero or another well known personality. Today’s post is about giving them an additional choice.

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Short-Term Missions: Fundraising & People-Raising

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Welcome to day 5 of my 30Days-30Pics: Defining Short-Term Missions.

You can’t talk about short-term missions involvement without talking about fundraising… the two go hand in hand – like PB & J*. The harshest critics of STM look negatively on it because of what they consider to be a poor return on investment. Others consider the experience and impact worth every penny.

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