You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

If today’s feature image looks familiar, it’s because you saw it just a couple of weeks ago when I shared with you the “You can do it!” blooper reel. I pulled it out again today because I’m going to show you the full video (1:18 – still not very long).

Back in September we were contacted by Capital Community Church about sending video-greetings to their kids on the occasion of their 2017 missions conference. Rather than simply sending a cheerful hello, we thought that we’d go one step further and try to make it a teachable moment.

Our two-fold goal was to teach them:

  • … a bit about life on the mission field & how they could pray for our kids.
  • … that being a missionary starts with sharing Christ right there at home.

More than anything we wanted them to know that They could do it!
You’re never too old & never too young.

Made to be used!

On top of being able to simply view it down below, we wanted to make it available for any & all to be able to access & show it kids in their youth or Sunday School.

If you or someone you know  works with kids or youth, please consider showing this video sometime when you’re having any kind of missions or kids-in-ministry focus. It will be an encouragement to your kids.

You can download it here … possible uses include…

  • Teaching Sunday School lesson about missions.
  • Teaching kids / youth about evangelism & sharing their faith at home.

All for today!

Just a short post for today. .. thank you for stopping by & thank you for your prayers and support. We experience God’s blessings daily and you are part of the reason for that!

God bless you richly!

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