Our #AIMKids

UPCI Global Missions, AIM2Go, UPCI France, MKs, AIMLong.caWe’re Dominic, Sophie & Timo Long
and we’re #AIMKids


About AIMers and AIMKids 

What’s an AIMKid?
Our parents came to France as AIMers…  so we started our time in missions as AIMKids.
If you’ve heard of MKs… we’re just like MKs

What’s an AIMer?
An AIMer is a volunteer missionary (an Associate In Missions) with the United Pentecostal Church. AIMers give up their jobs and their home, for a time, and go to another country to tell people about how much Jesus loves them.

Kids_namesBOur city?
There are 27,000-ish people in Châtellerault and no other church like yours or ours (the closest church is 2.5 hours away). In our Sunday School there are about 10-12 kids in total, so pray that other kids will repent, will be baptized in Jesus’ name and be filled with the Holy Ghost.


#AIMKids Missionary Moments 


Overlooking Angles-sur-l’Anglin

…We have created 10 “Missionary Moments”: 5-10min, France-themed lesson illustrations to help you lead kids or youth in missions-related prayer:

  • They’ll pray specifically for our AIMKids in various ways, so it doesn’t become repetitive.
  • They’ll pray for their own ability to be witnesses… in their part of the world.

Here they are:
(Note: still waiting to publish #10… stay tuned)

  1. What’s an AIMKid?
  2. Five Changes
  3. School Daze
  4. Incredible Buildings
  5. The Eiffel Tower
  6. The Tour de France (a 2,200 mile bicycle race)
  7. French Fashion
  8. French Food
  9. Big “little” Country
  10. Learning French


You Can Do It! Talking to Kids about Missions

Below is a short video (1:18) by our kids, designed to help teach your kids 2 things:

  • How they too can be missionaries right there at home.
  • How they can pray for missionaries & missionary kids

(you can play it directly from here, download it for offline use or play it from VIMEO)


Other Info                            .

This Blog…

MK Ministries

Our Blogs 

We don’t blog as often as dad, but we do post from time to time…
Click the pics to check out our blogs:

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