AIMKids MM1 – What’s an AIMKid?

This is the first of a series of 10 posts entitled: AIMKids Missionary Moments
(For a full list of all 10 topics… click on #AIMKids in the top menu bar or click here. Hyperlinks will be added as the Missionary Moments are published)

The Goal: Each post in the series is designed to be a resource for Sunday School Teachers & Youth leaders. A tool that will help kids…

  •  connect to missions in general.
  •  relate to the life of an MK (Missionary Kid) specifically.
  •  understand how they too can help their friends know more about Jesus & his love.

(These posts are intentionally short because we know you already have a lot of material to cover.  This first one will act as an introduction to AIMers and AIMKids in general.)


What are AIMers?

.The term AIMer refers to someone who goes on AIM (Associate in Missions) for short-term missionary work that usually last 2-months to 1-year (in our case it will be between 1.5 – 2yrs).  AIMers can be single, a married couple or a family (like us). They can be in their teens, twenties or even older. Generally they work with other missionaries – it’s rare for them to be all by themselves in another country.

Some AIMers…

– Cook for Bible School students
– Photocopy invitations to church & teach Sunday School
– Put together text books for Bible School students
– Paint walls & repair buildings
– Try to start new churches

Our parents are going to…

– Pastor the church while the missionary goes to the USA on deputation
– Teach at the Bible School


What are AIMKids?

Actually… AIMKid is a word that our dad made up. Have you heard of MKs before? They are Missionary Kids… technically we’re really MKs too… but just through the AIM program, so my dad liked that word.  Since our dad made it up, that makes us the first AIMKids ever!  How cool is that!?

We’re going to…

– Help our parents by being the worship team during church
  (we’ve had lessons for a lot of years, but it’ll still be new to play in most services)
– Help pray in our city and pass out invitations sometimes
– Do our school at home (homeschool)


Prayer Focus:

– Pray that God will help us learn the new songs that they sing there.
– Pray that God will help us with our schoolwork
– Pray that we’ll be brave and meet new friends & tell them about Jesus.

Pray that God will help you to be brave about talking to your friends about Jesus & how he loves them.


  • If students have specific questions, please email us and we’d be happy to respond specifically.
  • Please let kids know that by praying for us regularly, THEY TOO are part of taking Jesus’ love to France… they’re part of missions!


Again… to see a summary of the AIMKid Missionary Moments, as they are currently planned… click on #AIMKids in the top menu or click here.

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