I Wonder…

After a productive couple of days, I found myself – yesterday – sitting alone in the office for a few moments.  The white-noise machine was humming and there was nothing else but the rhythm of my pulse ringing in my ears and the clicking of the keyboard beneath my fingertips… the steady staccato interrupted periodically by the need to backspace or select & delete to correct an error or a misprint.

Many tasks had been scratched off of that day’s to-do list and as for the greater list… the one that’s still looming, well… there’s still work to be done. But for a few moments, the weight of that list was offset by the thoughts… the hopes… the dreams… the promises of what will begin two months from now.

I wonder…

  • Châtellerault, by Night, kiosque à musiqueI wonder what it will feel like when the plane touches down at Charles-de-Gaulle, knowing it’s not for a 2-week stay.
  • I wonder what it will feel like when the car exits the highway into Châtellerault for that first time.
  • I wonder what it will feel like to take an early morning walk down by the Vienne River, breathe in the musky air as the current ripples and bubbles its way downstream and pray over the city that God has called us to…
  • … to greet the boulanger (baker) or the caissière (sales clerk) at our local grocery store for the “Nth” time… to get to know their name and to somehow be both an example and conduit of God’s love.

I know that I have the opportunity to do that in the city where I live now, and I do. But this is my hometown. I didn’t choose it… I chose to stay. Our family will be in Châtellerault, not “by default” but by choice… God’s choice and our agreement with that choice.

(btw… that bandstand photo, that’s part of our city, Châtellerault… by night. Isn’t it beautiful!?)

…and I wonder!

I wonder… and I wonder. Oh the two words look the same, but put together in that short sentence, they don’t mean the same thing.

  • I wonder = I try to guess, to imagine… to conceive in my mind what it will be like.
  • …and I wonder = I’m a bit… no, let’s face it, a lot in awe of what we’re on the brink of. To think… that we get to be part of God’s great Kingdom and secondly, that we get to play such a part in it, through our involvement in Short-Term Missions… and I say like the Psalmist:

What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
Psalm 8.4

It’s like that song that Jason Crabbe sings… “Who Am I?”


Enjoy your day today.

Whoever you are and wherever you are reading me from … know that you are important enough for a “King to come and die for.”  For that very reason… be conscious – today – of what you do by default and what you do by choice for they are not the same, nor do they produce the same result.

You are too important to simply live by default.
Live by choice. Lead.



Almost done Running…

Three things to give you an update on where things are at:

#1. Taymouth, NB

IMG_6028I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Pastor & Sis. Michael Trail of Nashwaak Valley Pentecostal Church… an absolutely BEAUTIFUL church located in Taymouth, NB, a community situated along the picturesque Nashwaak River.

Although I had met the Trails on a couple of occasions it was our first time to really spend time together (as has been the case with many of the pastors that we’ve connected with during our mini-deputation). What wonderful people!

We had the morning service together followed by a wonderful meal and a short Sunday afternoon nap – you know you feel at ease with folks when they let you take a nap and entertain (or are entertained by) the kids. After the evening service we drove back to Saint John (about a 1.5hr drive), arriving around midnight to 3 deer on our front lawn… quite perturbed that we’d interrupted their midnight snack on our shrubs!

#2. Breaking 70%

Not only was the building beautiful… the people were as well. They took up an offering for us and through their generosity, we were able to just break the 70% mark in our fundraising. Little by little we are getting there, but we still require the remaining 30% to be committed. Breaking it down, it would mean, for example:

– 30 donors* at $50/month  or
– 15 donors* at $100/month
* (Where donors could be individuals, groups or churches)

If you would like to financially support us during out time in France, please click here.

#3. Near Future Focus: KIDS

If anyone saw the blog post which mistakenly came through to your email box yesterday (AIMKids Missionary Moment on the Eiffel Tower)… you’ve already had a glimpse of something that coming “down the pipes”.

Prompted by an email exchange with Sis. Joni Owens, Children’s Pastor at New Life Center in Bridgeton Missouri (Rev. Garry Tracy is her pastor), I will soon be adding a section to the website focusing on kids. The goal is two-fold:

  1. Solicit targeted prayer for our kids while in France
  2. Provide tools for Sunday School & Youth workers to help grow a sensitivity to missions in the hearts & lives of kids / youth under their care, and to help them develop their own capacity to impact their part of the world.

… Like I said, I have been pulling those posts together for a launch through December and inadvertently published one yesterday by mistake.  I have since unpublished the post as it was not yet complete and I prefer to do a more thorough launch within a few weeks.

What I can tell you though, is that the tools will have a lot to do with Raising Children with a Global Vision; a blog post from earlier in November and which came out of a workshop at General Conference in St. Louis.


My apologies for the mixup… keep an eye out for that focus area in a short time.
Shout out and Thank you to Sis. Owens for the great idea!

Prayer Focus

We are now pretty much down to the 2-month mark. Please keep us in your prayers… there’s lots to do in the coming weeks! This weekend… our last scheduled service will be in Temperancevale, NB with our District Superintendent, Rev. Terry Brewer.

Thank you for following!
God bless you today!


Afraid of Change

Some call it a fear, others a phobia. For some it’s a dilemma and for others, an outright disorder. But regardless of the setting… whether in the workplace, in relationships… even in personal style or habits, change is not easy!

Fear of the Unknown

I have stared change right in the face over the past two weeks and have survived to this point (we’ll see what tomorrow holds) I updated the operating systems on both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro.

Don’t check-out just yet… I’ll get to the “meat” in a bit… I promise.

  • Why did I wait so long with my phone that the iOS went from 6.1 t0 8.1?
  • Why, on my MacBook, did I have to jump from Mountain Lion to Yosemite without even looking at Mavericks?

Because I dislike change. I’m uncomfortable with the unknown.

Have you ever heard the old classical musician’s quippy pun?
“If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”  (word play on ‘broke’)

Dealing with Change, Afraid of Change, Uncertainty, Fog, Leap of FaithMy phone and laptop were working well enough for the most part, but then, in each case, there was an app that I wanted to use and was unable to because I’d so successfully resisted change. What if I did the update and it set off a domino effect, requiring me to update a never ending succession of programs and patterns?

Worst case scenario: Total system crash requires me to purchase new.
Definite scenario:  I might have to … ugh… learn to do things differently.

– and that takes time, which I don’t have enough of…
– and it takes effort, which I’d rather devote elsewhere…
– and it means accepting to become uncomfortable…

Dealing with Fear

Not only am I a Christian… I’m a pastor for heaven sake. So I am very familiar with the many times that Jesus commanded people to “Fear not!”, I’ve heard countless verses and messages that deal with putting things into the Lord’s hands and leaving them there, and I’m very familiar with Hebrews 11 that defines Faith as: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  • So why does fear still creep in from time to time?
  • Why will I avoid situations, actions or even people sometimes?

Because every day presents us with numerous opportunities to embrace change or to shrink back from it. Oh now I’m not just talking about updating an operating system… that’s just a lightweight example. This is the nitty gritty.

In short, I’d have to say that we don’t deal well with change because we’re still on the earthy side of heaven’s gate. You know, where weeds still grow in the garden and our flesh is not completely wiped out by our spiritual self. Our faith is still… being perfected.

Change-Related Stress

As I age I find I have less tolerance for change in general. Consequently, there are times when it amazes me that we are preparing to shove just about as much change into our life as can be imagined.

I did a quick tally on an interactive version of the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale (try it out here) and scored 270. If you’re not familiar with the scale, the authors assign a numeric value to various life events, the combined total of which quantifies the level of stress that you are managing. It considers things like, in my case:

– Change of financial state
– Change of residence
– Change of responsibility at work

My 270 is not good. A score of 300+ generally indicates a high or very high risk of becoming ill in the near future and you must get below 150 to have a low risk.

Why on earth would someone who is increasingly averse to change consider willingly introducing so much change in their life?

Key to Embracing Change

I don’t know that you’ll be able to understand unless you experience it for yourself but in my mind the only reason that a sane person willingly introduces that much change in their life is that their minds are captivated by something that is worth much more than their personal comfort.

william barclayI call it being in the Will of God.

William Barclay put it this way:
“There are two great days in a person’s life; the day they are born and the day they understand why.”

When you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are doing what you were created to do, it is much easier to embrace change and temporary discomfort.

That’s why we are preparing to leave a secure position in an established church, sell our house and move our family some 4,982km away to live in a new city, with a small church and depend on others for our livelihood.  Because we are in the will of God.

Expressing Faith

When momentary fear tries to raise its ugly head, we remind ourselves of this fact. We express, whether silently or outloud, that we trust the One who is trustworthy; the one who does all things well.

*God, I trust you for the big things…. and the little things too.*

Thank you for stopping by again today.
Be strong and courageous…. you’re in good hands!

French Evangelism Conference 2014

A weekend in “The Word” is what we had in the city of Montreal!  For that was the theme of the 2014 French Evangelism Conference (FEC) at the Église Pentecôtiste Unie de Saint-Laurent, pastored by Rev. Dieudonné Kahozi, under the oversight of Bishop Rev. Paul Graham.

Guest Speakers

Services began Thursday and ran until end-of-day Sunday. We were privileged to rub shoulders with fellow guest-speakers:

Justin MacKenzie, OneHalifax.com, Rev. David Sagil, UPCI Ministry of Jewish Relations, Valérie Agba, Arras, Dieudonné Kahozi, UPC Saint-Laurent

  • Rev. Justin MacKenzie
    (Lead Pastor of One Church in Halifax, NS)
  • Rev. Valérie Agba
    (Pastor of UPC Arras, France)
  • Rev. David Sagil
    (Pastor of New Hope Temple, Chicago, IL and North American Director for the UPC’s Ministry of Jewish Relations) and
  • Rev. Dieudonné Kahozi
    (Host Pastor)

This was the first time I’d heard Bro. Agba and Bro. MacKenzie minister (although I’ve known of both for quite some time).  Bro. MacKenzie was the youngest of the group, but I can tell you my esteem for him increased yet more: What a profound young minister!

Rev. David Sagil, UPCI Minsitry of Jewish Relations It was the second time that I’d heard Bro. Sagil minister and as I said to a couple… it was like trying to eat a steak with no bone, fat or gristle…. 100% pure meat!  Incredible. So appreciative to spend time with such high calibre men.

As for Bro. Kahozi… there’s no question. Friends for a long time, he is doing an incredible job there in Montreal. There were 534 in service on the Saturday night service. A record for any French meeting in North America. God is raising up a French church in that city!  All in all… 28 people were filled with the Holy Ghost and 18 were baptized in Jesus’ name.  AWESOME!!

Surprise Offering

Our kids are homeschooled using the DVD curriculum from Abeka Academy  requires that they use a laptop computer. The ones that they’ve been using are roughly 8-10 years old and just before we left for conference, one gave up the ghost completely. Hoping to buy a new one before leaving for France, the handknit scarveskids were selling scarves that they’d knitted a while back (they probably sold $200 worth this weekend alone).

Bro. Kahozi indicated that Friday night he’d do a promo of the scarf table to let people know what it was for. In addition to doing that however, he took up an offering solely for the kids’ computer need. Over $1,700 was collected and we will easily be able to replace both of the old laptops. Thank you Pastor Kahozi… what a blessing!

Church Growth: a daughter work

Meubles Hochalaga, Église Pentecôtiste Unie de Montréal Est, 8729 Hochelaga MontrealSunday morning we attended one of Saint-Laurent’s daughter works… Église Pentecôtiste Unie de Montréal Est. I’d been there several times but it was a first for Liz and the kids.

They meet in the old Meubles Hochelaga building: nicely done inside, but they have yet to change the signage. It’s a young church with young teenagers playing music and twenty-somethings doing just about everything else. That morning 2 young people were filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time – after having attended for only about 3 weeks.

New European Citizens

IMG_5832Our main task for Monday was to visit Montreal’s Italian Consulate to get the kids’ passports.

Oh they do have Canadian passports already, but because Liz is an Italian citizen by birth and since, upon their births, the kids were registered at the consulate; obtaining Italian passports is simply a question of paperwork, which Liz had done in advance. We only had to show up with photos, sign some “autographs” and wait. In fact we were in and out in less than an hour… passports in hand.

Then, we celebrated with chocolate covered waffles at Suite 88 Chocolatier on de Maisonneuve. o. my. goodness.

Back to work

As I write this… my head is still somewhat in the cloud given that we spent just over 10hrs on the road, driving back. Just under two months to go and there’s still a lot to prepare. We appreciate your prayers for the sale of the house – and other preparations.

We’re excited about what God is going to do!



Quebec City, Ville de Québec, YQCGood morning from Montreal!

Just a quick post today as we’re in the midst of the French Evangelism Conference at the Church in St. Laurent, QC. Anyone who has taken part in or followed the local FEC knows that the pace is incredible!

Bro. Graham has often used the expression:

“À St. Laurent, le chômage ça n’existe pas!”
(Unemployment doesn’t exist in St. Laurent)

For ministry, this is certainly the case. As an example, this Sunday there will be 5 separate services take place in the church building. And after a 4-day conference, there is a good chance that the 60-80 young people that meet for Bible Study on Monday night will still want to meet. Incredible hunger is breeding incredible revival.

The days run long and late, but are rich in teaching, preaching and zeal-filled worship – also several have been baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

It took us roughly 10-hours of driving time to get here but we broke it up with a walk around Old Quebec and supper in Lévis and a short ferry ride across the mighty St. Lawrence River. In Wednesday’s post I’ll share with you a little bit of what took place at the conference and while in Montreal. For now though, the end of a long day has come.

Thank you for your prayers… we are humbled by what the Lord is doing… and will do.

Baptized in Jesus’ Name!

Sunday night, I had the incredible pleasure and great privilege of baptizing Timo in Jesus’ name for the remission of sins…. what a thrill!

4 Great Days


In Timo’s own words Sunday night…. “These will be four great days!” He was referring to the fact that:

  1. Friday was Atlantic District Kids Convention.
  2. Saturday, Kids Convention (cont’d) with Evangelist David Morehead. Timo told us that he’d been filled with the Holy Ghost.
  3. Sunday, was the day he got baptized, and
  4. Monday, was the day he was celebrating his upcoming birthday with friends.

It’s possible that Timo received the Holy Ghost earlier (he’s very sensitive when praying in the altar), but we never pushed the issue too much with him: we wanted it to come from him… we wanted him to be convinced enough about it to tell us… We thank God for his incredible gift!


There were a couple of things that were very neat to see / hear: Timo_baptized_2

  • Timo was jumping up & down in the changing room beforehand… I’m going to get baptized, I’m going to get baptized!!” he repeated several times.
  • Afterwards, while still in the changing room, he said “I feel so light!” 
  • A little while later (still at home afterward), he said… “I’m so glad, because now my name is written in the book of the Lamb!”

How neat to hear statements like that which make me so grateful for Liz’s influence and the influence of Sunday School Teachers who put that kind of understanding in the heart of an almost-9-year-old!

That makes Three!


As of Sunday night, November 9th, all three of our kids have been baptized in Jesus’ name for the remission of their sins and filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues as God gives the utterance. (the promise of Acts 2.38, exampled in Acts 2.4)

All three have been baptized since I became a licensed minister and so I have had the incredible honour of baptizing them all myself. I’m somewhat in awe when I stop to think about that.

#IAmGlobal Connection

When Timo told us Saturday that he’d gotten the Holy Ghost, I didn’t put it together immediately, but Sunday night before service, I remembered that there was a connection between that day and the #IAmGlobal offering taken at General Conference.


Liz & I pledged an amount in the #IAmGlobal offering… an amount that was a stretch for us. We determined that, rather than rent our house while we went on AIM, we would sell it. This would not only allow us to leave completely debt free, but would allow us to make a sacrificial offering as well. It wasn’t an easy decision: not only would it require more preparation prior to our departure, but it also removed one of the safety nets for our eventual return home post-AIM.

Timo_baptized_3So what’s the connection with Timo’s Great 4 Days?
I think the best way to make that clear is to quote you from my journal entry of October 2nd, where I describe our experience of the Global Missions service and the #IAmGlobal offering:

“During his sermon, Bro. Mangun said that the supernatural would follow the sacrificial, so he urged people to not leave… to wait for the giving to be completed, then we would pray and there would be healings & such.

In my head I was thinking:
“I don’t need a healing, but God, give us our city (thinking of Châtellerault).” 
“I don’t need a healing, but Timo needs the Holy Ghost.”

“I don’t need a healing, but we need to leave fully funded.”

After we came back to our seats, someone that I did not know came up to me and prayed:
“It’s not that it ‘will happen’, that it is ‘going to happen’… it ‘has happened’. God has seen your desire, your tears and it has happened; He has brought it to pass, He has heard your prayer.”


What else can I say? We trusted him with something that, eternally speaking, is of little consequence (our house & our finances) and within barely a month, he established the eternal in Timo’s life!  Stepping out in faith is never easy (or it wouldn’t be a step of FAITH) but there’s nothing like the way that God answers!

God is great!
God is real!
I can trust Him!
Praise the Lord!

A Hallelujah Moment!

Well… it’s been quite a week!


On Wednesday, a for sale sign went up on our front lawn.  After 17 years in the same neighbourhood, the same grocery store, the same traffic patterns & neighbours we are headed for change and put our house up for sale.

If you were to look at things from an economic point of view, it’s not a good time to put a house on the market, but we trust that as we do our utmost to get everything in place, God will do what is necessary to handle those things that we cannot control. We trust him!

It’s a great house (with tons of landscaping – shrubs & perennials!  I got rid of the menagerie of animals though!  🙂 ….you can take a look at the listing and photos of the house here.



Now though, we get to the best part of my week. I’d been somewhat apprehensive about the whole process of obtaining a Long Stay Visa for residency in France; not because it’s tough to get, but simply because everything had to be done by email & phone and they’re located in Montreal… the question of time constraints, getting an appointment, possibly having to make the 800 km trip more than once, etc. was a tiring prospect to me.

In an attempt to get the ball rolling, I emailed both the French Consulate in Montreal and the Regional Prefecture in France. Then they emailed back.

(I must admit, it was more than a bit exciting to receive an email from both the Consulate of France and the Prefecture within only a short time of one another!)


Even more exciting than receiving the emails was that, after laying out our scenario – Liz is a European citizen and the kids as well – they indicated to me that in fact I don’t need a visa!!



As the non-European spouse of a European citizen, I am able to bypass the visa process and go right to resident’s status by a very simple process. I simply arrive in France and make an appointment at the local Immigration office, present the necessary paperwork and it goes fairly quickly after that.


Folks… THAT is a MIRACLE!

…yet another indication that we are in the will of the Lord and that He has made provision for our every need.

Praise the Lord!

This weekend

IMG_5242After hosting the Atlantic District Kids Convention last night and today, we are excited to be heading to Fredericton tonight to hear from Bro. Lee Stoneking. He had a significant influence on my early time in Pentecost and so whenever I get a chance to sit under his ministry, I don’t pass it up.

I was at the altar praying one day and he asked me point blank if I’d ever been baptized in Jesus’ name for the remission of my sins.  When I responded that I hadn’t, he asked me, just as “point blank”… “Well, why not?”

When I responded that I feared that it would also be an admission that everything I’d done for God up to that point was wrong and without value, he immediately responded that that wasn’t so. I had simply been obedient to what I had been taught up to that point and now that he was showing me something new-to-me, how would I respond?

IMG_5244I’m so grateful for that conversation at the altar. It was both direct and balanced enough that I went home, looked up the 80+ verses that have a derivative of the word “baptize” in them and saw that with the exception of Matthew 28:19, every time we see people being baptized in the Book of Acts – it was either “In the name of Jesus” or “into Christ” etc.  …Either the apostles were accomplishing Mt. 28.19 when they baptized in Jesus’ name or they were completely disobedient to it; and if they were disobedient, then the foundation of our faith is severely eroded. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to be baptized in Jesus’ name.   …and I was, on Dec. 14th, 1997.

Thank you Bro. Stoneking for being used by God as the tipping point!
Thank you for following our preparations and covering them in prayer. It makes all the difference!




Old Memories & Daily Challenges

As I mentioned Saturday, this past weekend was our 7th in a row to be on the road…. and it was a special one!

Fredericton NB

In a couple of ways it just felt so right to be at Capital Community Church (CCC) this past weekend.


The guests for their weekend Missions Conference were ourselves and Bro. & Sis. Bruce Howell (Gen. Director of Global Missions UPCI), but because of flight delays, the Howells weren’t able to get in until late Saturday night, missing the first service. In his stead, CCC Lead Pastor Raymond Woodward spoke.

The reason it felt so great was this: when I first came into Pentecost in the mid 1990’s, Bro. Woodward was in the Saint John church and music was led by Jack & Kathy Leaman… so everything just felt so familiar!


The services were great on Sunday!  In the morning, Bro. Howell preached on the protection that can be found in the walls of salvation… and in the evening, on the fact that Christians should always be Ready to Rejoice!  One of the neat surprises though was that the choir went from singing in English to French (without warning)… How cool to hear that!  It caught me by surprise, so I didn’t catch all of it, but here’s what I did get.


Budget Progress…

FullSizeRenderCCC members gave liberally this weekend and their generous offering put us up to 65% of our required budget.

But over and above that offering, they also showed some love to our kids in a special way as well. Saturday night the kids went forward and church members put a total of $329 in their hands… so just under $110 for each of the kids.

Can’t thank you enough CCC for all the support you have shown us!

Crunch Time

To finish off today’s post I’m going to be a bit transparent. I’d ask for and extra covering of your prayers over the coming weeks.  There is so much that needs to happen and only so many hours in a day. Feelings of being overwhelmed are never far off as there is a keen awareness of the pressure to:

  • sell the house & correct a few things in preparation for that
  • prepare to transition my church and District responsibilities, including the publication of the monthly district magazine.
  • continue sorting / packing / purging
  • maintain responsibilities in our local church where I’m employed full time
  • prepare paperwork & immigration formalities
  • complete fundraising our budget

…all while we continue to travel each weekend for the remainder of November
(We intentionally have no services/travel booked for December).

Do we know that we are in the will of God? …yes
Do we know that he’ll take care of the details? …yes

But in the meantime it’s still a great deal to juggle in the day to day… we need his strength more than ever, not just to get it all done, but to maintain our joy in the process.

the Bottom Line

God is getting ready to do some incredible things and we’re so privileged to be part of it. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Thanks for following us and for praying so faithfully!

5 Benefits of Deputation

RoadWelsfordThis weekend is our 7th in a row to be out on the open road… and there are a few more to go! We’re racking up kilometers on our 2007 Ford Freestyle and changing the oil more frequently, but there are a number of benefits that outweigh any cost.

Benefits?! …to deputation?!

Up until 2012, I’m not sure I’d heard anyone talk overly positively about deputation. At the worst it was somewhat of a “necessary evil” and, at best, “something to be put up with ’til you get to the land of your calling.” But today I’m going to give you 5 benefits that I’ve experienced.

1. Fellowship

noonanAlthough pastors frequently see each other at conferences, the contact is often “in passing.” Less frequent are the opportunities to sit across the table from each other, as families, often in the home.

Also, not having grown up in this fellowship, I had never been in many of our churches, nor did I personally know many of the saints as is the case when you spend the majority of your life in a given group.

Deputation throughout the Atlantic District, and elsewhere, has given us opportunities to connect with fellow ministers and their families… and we’re LOVING it!

2. Perspective

Part of getting to know the churches is discovering that things or methods that I might have taken for granted in my church may be entirely different elsewhere, attributable to:

  • urban vs. rural cultures/priorities
  • the age, size or stage of growth of the church
  • the number of pastors in the history of the church
  • the calling or priorities of particular pastors
  • etc.

I realize the extent to which I’ve been blessed and, as the old Scott Wesley Brown song goes… “We are blessed to be a blessing.”

3. Family Time

 This may seem counter-intuitive… Family time?  While we do spend much time with others, we have to GET to where the others are, so we’re spending a fair bit of time together in the car, in the hotel rooms and sometimes stopping for “mini-adventures” along the way. Like when our annual Gagetown apple-picking outing happened on the way back from Upper Kent & Ste-Anne-de-Madawaska.

4. Memory Lane Moments

photoAs a kid, I often went on drives with my grandfather. A plastic-wrapped roll of peppermints was on the dash of the 1978 Chevy Suburban and we’d find a country road to follow. Sometimes he’d be headed rabbit or partridge hunting and sometimes it’d just be for the drive… but he always had his eyes open for bottles or cans that could be traded in at the local bottle exchange (that’s how he paid for my first 5-speed bike).

Heading down some of these country roads (in particular the top one on the right, with it’s patchy, uneven pavement – between Stanley & Juniper), affords me time to sift through some of those memories, and smile at the simplicity of great moments spent together.

5. Support & Supporter Raising

Of course the main purpose of deputation remains the fundraising aspect. Obviously it’s beneficial, indeed necessary to do this, but even in churches that are unable to give financially at a given time… we have the opportunity to raise supporters (see Wednesday’s post).


This Weekend

CCC-RWtweetWe’re thrilled to take part in Missions Conference at Capital Community Church in Fredericton, NB with Rev. Raymond Woodward and Rev. Jack Leaman. These men were leaders in the Saint John church when we came into Pentecost in the mid 1990’s and both have been important influences in our life and growth. We’re honoured to be with them and with Rev. Bruce Howell, General Director of Global Missions for the UPCI.

Prayer Focus

Our house will be going up for sale Monday. We decided to sell in order to:

a) …have one less major asset to manage during our time overseas.
b) …be able to give a portion in the #IAmGlobal offering.

The market is not great but we believe that we heard from God concerning the sale and we trust him completely. Why not pray for two buyers that bid against one another, upping the price rather than it being bartered down!

Thanks for reading me again today.
Let what you read inform your prayers.
Fredericton… We’ll see you tonight!