AIMKids MM1 – What’s an AIMKid?

This is the first of a series of 10 posts entitled: AIMKids Missionary Moments
(For a full list of all 10 topics… click on #AIMKids in the top menu bar or click here. Hyperlinks will be added as the Missionary Moments are published)

The Goal: Each post in the series is designed to be a resource for Sunday School Teachers & Youth leaders. A tool that will help kids…

  •  connect to missions in general.
  •  relate to the life of an MK (Missionary Kid) specifically.
  •  understand how they too can help their friends know more about Jesus & his love.

(These posts are intentionally short because we know you already have a lot of material to cover.  This first one will act as an introduction to AIMers and AIMKids in general.)


What are AIMers?

.The term AIMer refers to someone who goes on AIM (Associate in Missions) for short-term missionary work that usually last 2-months to 1-year (in our case it will be between 1.5 – 2yrs).  AIMers can be single, a married couple or a family (like us). They can be in their teens, twenties or even older. Generally they work with other missionaries – it’s rare for them to be all by themselves in another country.

Some AIMers…

– Cook for Bible School students
– Photocopy invitations to church & teach Sunday School
– Put together text books for Bible School students
– Paint walls & repair buildings
– Try to start new churches

Our parents are going to…

– Pastor the church while the missionary goes to the USA on deputation
– Teach at the Bible School


What are AIMKids?

Actually… AIMKid is a word that our dad made up. Have you heard of MKs before? They are Missionary Kids… technically we’re really MKs too… but just through the AIM program, so my dad liked that word.  Since our dad made it up, that makes us the first AIMKids ever!  How cool is that!?

We’re going to…

– Help our parents by being the worship team during church
  (we’ve had lessons for a lot of years, but it’ll still be new to play in most services)
– Help pray in our city and pass out invitations sometimes
– Do our school at home (homeschool)


Prayer Focus:

– Pray that God will help us learn the new songs that they sing there.
– Pray that God will help us with our schoolwork
– Pray that we’ll be brave and meet new friends & tell them about Jesus.

Pray that God will help you to be brave about talking to your friends about Jesus & how he loves them.


  • If students have specific questions, please email us and we’d be happy to respond specifically.
  • Please let kids know that by praying for us regularly, THEY TOO are part of taking Jesus’ love to France… they’re part of missions!


Again… to see a summary of the AIMKid Missionary Moments, as they are currently planned… click on #AIMKids in the top menu or click here.

4 Weeks from France!

Have you ever done a major move?  If so, you’ll be able to relate to what we feel. It seems barely imaginable that we are less than four weeks from moving across the ocean to set foot in France.  With that in mind… let me give you a few updates:

Out with the Old

Ultimate Windows Doors & More, Saint John, NB

You’ll remember from Wednesday’s post that we had taken delivery of a 10′ x 16′ shed that would hold all of our worldly possessions… (well, not really, but at least a portion of the furniture that we will store).

Here are a couple pics of the early morning arrival. Ultimate Windows Doors & More, in Saint John, built this in just over a day and had it delivered within a week of ordering it. Slick as a whistle!

It came on the back of a wrecker truck and is now patiently waiting for us to fill ‘er up!

In with the New


It looks as though these will be our new digs upon arrival in France. Since we will be there for 2 full months before Pastor & Sis. Brochu head back to the USA, we will need a spot to hang our hat.

It is generally very tough to rent a home for a short period of time in France for 2 reasons:

a) it is just tough to find and
b) houses (whether for sale or rent) typically come without a fully equipped kitchen – only a sink is required by law, the rest is the responsibility of the occupant. Having to install a full set of appliances and cupboards for only a two-month rental makes it highly infeasible.

Nonetheless, God opened a door for us to be able to rent the property pictured above for the two-month period, after which we will use the Brochu’s home.  Not only has the Lord literally given us an open door, but he’s given us one with a fully equipped kitchen!

Christmas in Canada

Christmas at MissionPoint Church

When is Christmas NOT your average Christmas? 

When it’s the one immediately before your departure to live as ex-pats in a new and foreign country.

We spent Christmas Eve with our church family at MissionPoint and I had the honour of hosting that service for the first time. I shared the stage with over 35 kids who got a lesson in Mysteries & Miracles… they were so great!  There were another 15 or so, under the age of twelve, in the audience who were a bit shy but did come forward to get their own Mystery & Miracle sleuth kit!

From there we drove to Moncton to be with my mom. I don’t care how old you are… you’re never too old for mom’s home cooking, turkey dinner, seafood chowder and a sweet or two (or twenty!).

Preparation & Prayers

How can you help us this week?  Here are some specific things to pray for:

  • We are nailing down the details of insurance while overseas. Pray that that works smoothly.
  • We will begin a new round of packing & moving (trying to fill the shed)
  • We will begin saying some goodbyes
  • We will be preparing the final mailing to partner & prospective partner churches  (mentioned here)
  • We will begin preparing for our farewell service on January 11th.

Know this….

There are times when exhaustion would get the best of us, but we are able to carry on because of His strength, our resolve and YOUR prayers.

Thank you for strengthening us… you make a difference!
God bless you today!

Christmas in France

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Christmas is like in France ?
Today I’m going to give you a little taste!


Christmas in Paris, 2015, Instagram @andosyion, Eiffel Tower

2004 was the last time I was in Paris around Christmas and there were some incredible sites to be seen.

  • A 50-foot tree outside of Notre Dame Cathedral, decorated with red & silver ornaments.
  • A positively HUGE tree inside the Galleries Lafayette that spanned the 6-7 stories of open atrium inside the store.
  • A dazzling display of lights outside of the Galleries Lafayette store….

But today I want to show you something of what Paris looks like this year. There is a gigantic snow-globe under the Eiffel Tower: which you can see to the right.

Of course I’m not there yet, so it’s not my picture. It was one taken by andosyion, someone I follow on Instagram. Check out his gallery and you will be mesmerized by his collection of great shots!  (You won’t be the only one, he has some 2.3K followers).


 In North America we may have our Christmas parades, but that’s not typically as common in Europe… I’ve never seen one. In fact Santa Claus as we know him takes a back seat to St. Nicholas in many European homes and he comes on December 6th rather than the 25th. No Santa doesn’t, however, mean that nothing special happens…

This past Sunday some 8,000 people came out to see le Spectacle Rêve (The Spectacle of Dreams), put on by the local circus arts school on a 300-square meter stage in downtown Châtellerault. Here’s a 3.5-min video that will show you some of the highlights:

What do you think…..  Santa Claus Parade or Spectacle of Dreams?



Early this morning we took delivery of a 10′ x 16′ shed that will be stored on a friend’s property. Once we get through Christmas, we’ll begin in earnest the process of moving some furniture into this storage unit. It’s non-heated storage, but most of what will go in there should be fine.  The few things that need heated storage will be elsewhere.

We had a very positive showing on the house last weekend… pray that things advance nicely and smoothly on that front.

Four weeks from yesterday we will have left Saint John Lord-willing… (now THAT’s quite a thought!) Thank you for your prayer & financial support.
You are part of #Revival_inFrance!

…and in closing for today… a very Merry Christmas to you!

Praying for our #AIMKids

Today I’m serving up another infographic for you. The last time you saw one was on October 18th and it detailed the Timeline of the Call.  In today’s post, we’re focusing on the kids and a tool I developed for Sunday School personnel and youth pastors who would like to adopt our kids as a “Prayer Project” during our time on AIM.

We’ve launched a new Top-level page on this site:

This new page will serve as a) a general introduction to our kids for those who don’t already know them and b) will have links to 10 AIMKids Missionary Moments: 5-min long, France-related object lessons that will help kids pray not only for our kids  but also for their own outreach potential.


…largely as a result of the following quote:

“In some churches you will raise support and in others you’ll raise supporters.”

I read that quotation in a book by Steve Shadrach, The God Ask, and so, our goal in developing this infographic is to not only garner prayer support for our kids but also to give leaders tools that can help them connect their kids & youth to missions.  If these young ones can feel a connection to missions from their youth, then there is a greater chance that they will be open to either giving or going themselves as they get older.

Feel free to download and print the graphic below. Use it in your Sunday School classes, Kids’ Prayer groups, Youth classes, etc., and connect kids to missions!, France, Châtellerault, #AIMKids





5 Weeks & Counting!

I’ve stated that the goal of, during the time leading up to our departure, is to keep you up to date on the progress of preparations. So for now… here’s how the hive has been humming!

Day to day

House & Car: The house is still for sale and while there is no firm offer, there is someone who wants it but they will have to sell their own house first & it goes on the market in January. That can cause us some anxiety if we focus on it, but we try simply to stand still, and trust in God’s faithfulness.

We’ve bought a storage shed & have a place to put it. We’ll store some furniture and other items that don’t require heat.  Liz has been doing a lot of the packing and sorting but I started a couple of my bookshelves and did a large part of the garage some weeks ago. (There’s waaaayyyyy more yet to do!)

We’re thankful to already have a buyer for our car.

Work:  My replacement as Assistant to the Pastor at Mission Point is now onsite. Pentecostal Messenger, Atlantic District UPCIMark Robertson (originally of Hatfield Point but most recently of Miramichi) and I have been working very closely in an attempt to get 8 years worth of stuff out of my mind and into his (poor guy!). I can tell that he is going to do an incredible job and is a credit to the pastoral leadership that has trained him to-date.

Pentecostal Messenger: For those unaware, I’m editor for a 12-page printed publication that goes out to our churches in the region, with a readership of roughly 750.  While in France, others will look after logistical details, but I’ll still look after editing and layout of the content.  I’ll be putting together the better part of both the January and February issues prior to my departure.

Missionary Lynne Jewett

Missionary to Guatemala, Lynne Jewett, with our  #AIMKidsOn Monday we got to spend the afternoon with our friend and missionary to Guatemala, Lynne Jewett. What an inspiration!

She came for lunch and since she is synonymous with kids’ ministry, we wanted to chat with her about:
a) building a church through kids’ ministry &
b) doing all we can to set our own kids up to succeed on the mission field.

She had some GREAT advice!  Including preparing them for the effect that distance will have on their friendships… some will undoubtedly fade a bit over time, but the true ones will remain.  That’s straight-talk and she is bang on!  She also encouraged them to see themselves as missionaries…

Looking ahead

Departure: We’ve tentatively set our departure date as somewhere around January 25-27.
AC-Flight“Wait, what? …no specific date?” ….We’re going to fly stand-by, which means that, yes, we’ll save money on airfare but we’ll fly according to seat availability.  (If there are seats available, we’ll seat our seats on the plane, if not… we try again next flight). That may seem stressful to some, but it’s how we traveled the whole time Liz worked for the airline, so we’re used to it.

Final Mailout: We’re on the verge of doing our final mailout prior to departure. It’ll be an oversized postcard for Sunday School & Youth Staff, focusing on “adopting our kids as a “prayer project” and various way to pray for & connect with them / us. Look for the infographic in this Saturday’s post.

Thanks in advance!

It goes without saying that, with all of these things going on… we need your prayer. It all comes at a busy time of year and if I were to focus too much on it, I would be overwhelmed. We take one day at a time and rest in the assurance that, if the Lord tarries, we will be there in just over 5 weeks from now!


I’m Nostalgic

I’ve been working on project for the past week or so and it has gotten me looking back through old photo albums on my laptop… yes. photo albums…. on my laptop.

(Note: I am the guy who originally resisted digital photography, scoffing at those who stored all photos on their computer, rather than in a handy-dandy “hard copy” photo album… Now, I have joined your ranks… with nearly 20K pics on my hard drive… end of admission)

First Family-Visit

ChateauMotte06The first time that we visited Châtellerault as a family was in 2006. I had been there previously by myself and then with a friend, but in 2006… we went together.

Timo was not quite a year old and still had be propped up with pillows or be sandwiched between his siblings in order to ensure a steady pose for the camera.  We stayed in the 15th Century Château de la Motte Usseau for a couple of nights and enjoyed the comfort of the Ysabeau de Poitiers Suite… where   we could have our own lovely room and the kids had their own spot right through the large arched doorway.

If you’ve never done a chateau-stay before, you need to give it a go!  Seriously… you’ll pay 130 euros/night in the equivalent of a “shoe-box” in Paris… or, for less than that, you get a 15th century castle in the country with incredible hosts and a breakfast fit for a king (or at least a count)!


During that trip, Bro. & Sis. Brochu also took us to visit the Château de Chenonceau which is reputed to have the 2nd or 3rd highest number of visitors of any monument in France, only behind the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame cathedral… both in Paris. This Castle, one-time home to Catherine de Medicis and her rival Diane de Poitiers, gracefully spans the Cher river.



We visited church the Sunday morning of our visit and at that point it was still meeting in the home of Sis. Cécile Leday on ave. Aristide Briand, right downtown and not far from the monument to the French Revolution. Twenty or so very basic chairs were set up in the Living Room and a simple wooden cross adorned the wall above the unused fireplace. A music stand served as the pulpit and the only instrument was a keyboard in the corner. There was nothing all that fancy about it, but we felt the presence of the Lord… we were worshiping God, in French, in the heart of western France.

French Provincial Countryside


For those of you who are wondering what the area will be like… take a look at the picture to the right. This photo is taken from atop the Château de la Motte, looking out over the rich agricultural land that surrounds Châtellerault.

You can barely make it out, but behind what looks to be a hedgerow in the middle of the picture, is the A10 highway that leads from the North down to the South-west of France… present, but barely visible.

This is the area that will be home for us beginning in the new year… and we can’t wait!

Although it looks pretty deserted in this picture, remember that the city of Châtellerault itself is a city of roughly 27,000 people and that, within a 25km radius there are some 94 villages… all of which house souls, some of which are hungry and/or hurting… not completely satisfied with where they are spiritually.

It is for them that we are leaving home & homeland.
Please pray for us… for them.
Pray for #Revival_inFrance.

Thanks for stopping by today… I appreciate your visit!


Don’t Kill Hunger!

*Sorry folks… usually my midweek post falls on Wednesday, but it occurred to me that I’d not “bumped” this one from saved-draft status to scheduled status… so it didn’t publish this morning.*

I’m feeling something that I haven’t felt for a while… it’s both familiar and rather new at the same time.  Let me give you the background.

Visit to the Family Doctor

Last year at about this time, my family doctor did the run-through and indicated (in no uncertain terms), that she would like to see me lose 10lbs because it would be better for my overall general health & energy level and would set a good example for my family.

I’m neither dangerously overweight nor even close to being obese, but there are several inches and pounds that could be shed and I seriously wouldn’t miss them. In younger years, I could eat whatever I wanted in just about whatever quantity I wanted and the scale wouldn’t budge from 145lbs… then the upper 30’s hit!

In my most recent visit to the doctor, in preparation for our departure to France, she noted that while I’d gotten the 10lbs-thing right… I’d headed in the wrong direction… gaining since last year rather than losing (she was not impressed).

So since then, I’ve been eating less. And I’ve experienced a feeling that I’d not felt in a long time. Hunger.


This has been my rhythm for the past few days:

  • Limit of 1 slice of bread per day (heaven help us in France… baguette-land) and have eaten a very light breakfast.
  • Lunch has been 3 pieces of fruit.
  • I’ll have my “meal-meal” at supper time (I know… not the best, but it’s what fits the work schedule).
  • and yes… I’ll still have a snack or dessert at some point in the evening.

Overall… the quantity of food has diminished and I’ve been better about not snacking on junk. which leads me to this strangely new (re-discovered) yet familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach… hunger.  It’s kind of odd to feel that feeling, yet it’s surely there. The growels can attest to that.

…and in an odd way, it kind of feels good.

Absence of Hunger

Hunger is something that is, by and large, absent in most of the homes & families that I’m connected to on a daily basis. Generally speaking, we. have. plenty!

– Oh we may have cravings, but that’s not hunger.
– We may be dying for a burger, but that’s not hunger.
– We might kill for a good steak because we’re famished
but is it a hunger or simply a craving…
is it a need or a want.
– I would love a bag of chips… but that won’t nourish!

We satisfy our wants before our needs.  In this manner, hunger is masked by shallow satisfaction, and true nourishment is sidelined in favour of the sweet & salty snacks.

Suite 88, Montreal, Belgian WaffleIt’s the morning coffee syndrome:

  • Wake up… Not hungry enough to eat, but not awake enough to leave without coffee (which stifles appetite).
  • Grab a cup of java & head out the door.
  • Mid-morning… a little hungry but not enough to really eat-eat and since it’s not lunchtime, we don’t want to ruin lunch.
  • Grab another cup… get caught up in work
  • Mid-afternoon…. Man that pastry / bag of chips / chocolate bar is looking good!”  you have one or two… after all, no sense eating now. You’ll be off in two hours and it’ll be supper time.

C’mon. Don’t act like that’s never happened to you!

Spiritual Hunger

Have you ever felt the same way spiritually?

There’s a hunger there deep down inside…

  • Hunger for a meaningful walk with God.
  • Hunger to accomplish something meaningful for Him.
  • Hunger for meaningful relationships in the church.
  • Hunger for a better prayer life.
  • Hunger for a deeper understanding of and relationship with His word.
  • Hunger to see someone close to us experience salvation and start a walk of their own.

We’re hungry.

But we’re not always satisfied.


Could it be for the same reasons as outlined above?

We know what will truly satisfy our hunger, but in the meantime, there’s a snack over here and a treat over there. Something that will temporarily abate the hunger and take the edge off… “dulling” the pangs so that we don’t feel them as keenly… but it doesn’t really nourish, give our bodies what they need.

There’s something actually kind of nice about feeling a hunger pang or two. It tells me that I’ve not over-eaten... and have you ever noticed that when you’re truly hungry… healthy food tastes better… you’re glad to have it?


…for stopping by again today!
My wish for you?

… just enough hunger to keep the edge on.
… just enough hunger to help you appreciate the good food.
… just enough hunger to let you know that you’ve not eaten junk.

Both physically and spiritually!
Don’t kill the hunger!

News from “our Missionaries”

Today we want to serve up to you some news directly from Pastor & Mrs. Paul & Darla Brochu.

Why do I refer to them as “our Missionaries” in the title of this post? Many of you know the Brochus already, but for the benefit of any who may not, these are the missionaries whose shoes we will be trying to fill during their deputation travels in the United States. We have had the privilege of working with them in the past, enjoy an important friendship and look forward to carrying forward their vision during the time of our stay in Châtellerault, beginning in late-January.

 Focus on France is the title of their Partners in Missions newsletter.
You can also connect with them via their Focus on France FaceBook Page.


Focus on France, UPCI Global Missionaries, Paul & Darla Brochu

Greetings, Partners and Friends !

As it pertains to the work of God, great, great things are happening in France and throughout Europe! What a privilege it is to be about God’s business in these last days. The darker the obscurity of this world, the brighter the Light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Regional Evangelist George Craft, UPCISince hosting a group of young intercessors from Mission Point Church of Saint John, NB last summer, prayer walks and prayer drives have continued each week in and around Châtellerault with amazing results. We’ve had trained Apostolic help move in from other parts of France. We’ve had an increase in church attendance. We’ve made new contacts and have had several new Home Bible Studies. God is impacting these new attendees, and the local church has also been impacted in a very positive way. Please keep the work in Châtellerault in your prayers. Planting this church in the West of provincial France has been no small challenge!

Institut Biblique de France, epufrance.orgThe international work known as the “UPC of Paris Centre” is thriving, with 7 water baptisms since our last newsletter, and new ones receiving the Holy Ghost regularly. Our numbers there are also up with an average attendance of close to 70 people in our worship services. Currently limited to meeting just a few hours together on Sundays, we’re seeking a bigger place to rent that we can have throughout the week. Will you help us pray?

Thank you for the role you play in making all of this possible.
God bless you richly for your faithful support and prayers!

Euro Youth Convention, Melun, Chadwick King.

For more information on “our missionaries” you can click here.
Want to support “our missionaries” ? Click the “Support Us” link on this page.

The End of Deputation

Well… at the risk of sounding grandiose, we have come to the end of an era! Sort of.

We are through running the roads of the Atlantic District for the purpose of raising awareness of, and support for, our AIM term in France.  This doesn’t mean that we’re at 100% of our budget yet, we are still accepting both one-time support as well as monthly Partner in Missions commitments, but it does mean that we will be home on weekends and better able to focus on the practical preparations involved in getting ready for departure.

Last Service – Temperance Vale, NB

Rev. & Mrs Terry Brewer, Atlantic District SuperintendentPerhaps it’s only fitting that our final service be in Temperance Vale, NB with our Atlantic District Superintendent and his wife. We drove up on Sunday afternoon, after having attended morning service at Mission Point and had no trouble finding the church, although we’d never been there before.

Besides being with the Brewers, I was also looking forward to being in Temperance Vale for another reason as well. Early on in my experience of Pentecost, Sis. Laura Priest would visit the church in Saint John periodically and Bro. Goddard would always have her sing.

What a lady!

There was something very appealing about her – without question the hand of God on her life after a lifetime in faithful service to God. United Pentecostal Church, Temperance Vale, New BrunswickI was a bit disappointed when I learned that she wouldn’t likely be there that night due to fragility and advancing age, but my spirits soon lifted again when her daughter Ann (also mother of our District Youth President, Bro. Paul Thornton) got up to lead worship. She looks so much like Sis. Priest and sang with just as much gusto!

Afterwards, we headed back to the Brewer’s home in Nackawic for a short bite to eat and a bit of fellowship before hitting the road home. The kids, too, enjoyed sweet moments of fellowship…. playing “Crossy Road” an iPad / iPod app by Hipster Whale (a.k.a modern youth fellowship). 🙂

Glad to be done

Although we’ll miss the opportunity to spend time visiting & fellowshipping with other pastors in the region, we are glad to now begin focusing a little bit more fully on preparations for our departure (storing some items, shipping others and preparing the house).  It has been tiring to travel and be away from the house pretty much every weekend (although full-time missionaries must do much more than we did and are to be commended).

Training Program @ Church

One of the other things that will be a focus of my attention this month is handing off responsibilities to various people who will be taking my place. Bro. & Sis. Mark Robertson (formerly of Miramichi, NB – although Mark is originally from Hatfield Point, NB) moved to the Port City on Sunday and have been spending their days unpacking and preparing. As the dust settles for them, I’ll begin attempting to get a lot of what I know out of my head and into Bro. Robertsons.

Pray for he and his wife as they makes the transition.

There will also be a couple of other individuals relieving me of some responsibility regarding the Pentecostal Messenger – the official publication of the Atlantic District, of which I’m the editor.  I will continue to do layout and editing of this 12-page paper, but will need others here on site in Saint John to handle the logistical details (picking up the finished papers, preparing the mailing and handling finances and subscriptions).

News from “our Missionaries”

I encourage you to come back on Saturday morning to read some good news of what God is currently doing in France through the hands & lives of “our missionaries”.

Thank you for your support on every level.
God bless & strengthen you today!