Don’t Kill Hunger!

*Sorry folks… usually my midweek post falls on Wednesday, but it occurred to me that I’d not “bumped” this one from saved-draft status to scheduled status… so it didn’t publish this morning.*

I’m feeling something that I haven’t felt for a while… it’s both familiar and rather new at the same time.  Let me give you the background.

Visit to the Family Doctor

Last year at about this time, my family doctor did the run-through and indicated (in no uncertain terms), that she would like to see me lose 10lbs because it would be better for my overall general health & energy level and would set a good example for my family.

I’m neither dangerously overweight nor even close to being obese, but there are several inches and pounds that could be shed and I seriously wouldn’t miss them. In younger years, I could eat whatever I wanted in just about whatever quantity I wanted and the scale wouldn’t budge from 145lbs… then the upper 30’s hit!

In my most recent visit to the doctor, in preparation for our departure to France, she noted that while I’d gotten the 10lbs-thing right… I’d headed in the wrong direction… gaining since last year rather than losing (she was not impressed).

So since then, I’ve been eating less. And I’ve experienced a feeling that I’d not felt in a long time. Hunger.


This has been my rhythm for the past few days:

  • Limit of 1 slice of bread per day (heaven help us in France… baguette-land) and have eaten a very light breakfast.
  • Lunch has been 3 pieces of fruit.
  • I’ll have my “meal-meal” at supper time (I know… not the best, but it’s what fits the work schedule).
  • and yes… I’ll still have a snack or dessert at some point in the evening.

Overall… the quantity of food has diminished and I’ve been better about not snacking on junk. which leads me to this strangely new (re-discovered) yet familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach… hunger.  It’s kind of odd to feel that feeling, yet it’s surely there. The growels can attest to that.

…and in an odd way, it kind of feels good.

Absence of Hunger

Hunger is something that is, by and large, absent in most of the homes & families that I’m connected to on a daily basis. Generally speaking, we. have. plenty!

– Oh we may have cravings, but that’s not hunger.
– We may be dying for a burger, but that’s not hunger.
– We might kill for a good steak because we’re famished
but is it a hunger or simply a craving…
is it a need or a want.
– I would love a bag of chips… but that won’t nourish!

We satisfy our wants before our needs.  In this manner, hunger is masked by shallow satisfaction, and true nourishment is sidelined in favour of the sweet & salty snacks.

Suite 88, Montreal, Belgian WaffleIt’s the morning coffee syndrome:

  • Wake up… Not hungry enough to eat, but not awake enough to leave without coffee (which stifles appetite).
  • Grab a cup of java & head out the door.
  • Mid-morning… a little hungry but not enough to really eat-eat and since it’s not lunchtime, we don’t want to ruin lunch.
  • Grab another cup… get caught up in work
  • Mid-afternoon…. Man that pastry / bag of chips / chocolate bar is looking good!”  you have one or two… after all, no sense eating now. You’ll be off in two hours and it’ll be supper time.

C’mon. Don’t act like that’s never happened to you!

Spiritual Hunger

Have you ever felt the same way spiritually?

There’s a hunger there deep down inside…

  • Hunger for a meaningful walk with God.
  • Hunger to accomplish something meaningful for Him.
  • Hunger for meaningful relationships in the church.
  • Hunger for a better prayer life.
  • Hunger for a deeper understanding of and relationship with His word.
  • Hunger to see someone close to us experience salvation and start a walk of their own.

We’re hungry.

But we’re not always satisfied.


Could it be for the same reasons as outlined above?

We know what will truly satisfy our hunger, but in the meantime, there’s a snack over here and a treat over there. Something that will temporarily abate the hunger and take the edge off… “dulling” the pangs so that we don’t feel them as keenly… but it doesn’t really nourish, give our bodies what they need.

There’s something actually kind of nice about feeling a hunger pang or two. It tells me that I’ve not over-eaten... and have you ever noticed that when you’re truly hungry… healthy food tastes better… you’re glad to have it?


…for stopping by again today!
My wish for you?

… just enough hunger to keep the edge on.
… just enough hunger to help you appreciate the good food.
… just enough hunger to let you know that you’ve not eaten junk.

Both physically and spiritually!
Don’t kill the hunger!

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