4 Weeks from France!

Have you ever done a major move?  If so, you’ll be able to relate to what we feel. It seems barely imaginable that we are less than four weeks from moving across the ocean to set foot in France.  With that in mind… let me give you a few updates:

Out with the Old

Ultimate Windows Doors & More, Saint John, NB

You’ll remember from Wednesday’s post that we had taken delivery of a 10′ x 16′ shed that would hold all of our worldly possessions… (well, not really, but at least a portion of the furniture that we will store).

Here are a couple pics of the early morning arrival. Ultimate Windows Doors & More, in Saint John, built this in just over a day and had it delivered within a week of ordering it. Slick as a whistle!

It came on the back of a wrecker truck and is now patiently waiting for us to fill ‘er up!

In with the New


It looks as though these will be our new digs upon arrival in France. Since we will be there for 2 full months before Pastor & Sis. Brochu head back to the USA, we will need a spot to hang our hat.

It is generally very tough to rent a home for a short period of time in France for 2 reasons:

a) it is just tough to find and
b) houses (whether for sale or rent) typically come without a fully equipped kitchen – only a sink is required by law, the rest is the responsibility of the occupant. Having to install a full set of appliances and cupboards for only a two-month rental makes it highly infeasible.

Nonetheless, God opened a door for us to be able to rent the property pictured above for the two-month period, after which we will use the Brochu’s home.  Not only has the Lord literally given us an open door, but he’s given us one with a fully equipped kitchen!

Christmas in Canada

Christmas at MissionPoint Church

When is Christmas NOT your average Christmas? 

When it’s the one immediately before your departure to live as ex-pats in a new and foreign country.

We spent Christmas Eve with our church family at MissionPoint and I had the honour of hosting that service for the first time. I shared the stage with over 35 kids who got a lesson in Mysteries & Miracles… they were so great!  There were another 15 or so, under the age of twelve, in the audience who were a bit shy but did come forward to get their own Mystery & Miracle sleuth kit!

From there we drove to Moncton to be with my mom. I don’t care how old you are… you’re never too old for mom’s home cooking, turkey dinner, seafood chowder and a sweet or two (or twenty!).

Preparation & Prayers

How can you help us this week?  Here are some specific things to pray for:

  • We are nailing down the details of insurance while overseas. Pray that that works smoothly.
  • We will begin a new round of packing & moving (trying to fill the shed)
  • We will begin saying some goodbyes
  • We will be preparing the final mailing to partner & prospective partner churches  (mentioned here)
  • We will begin preparing for our farewell service on January 11th.

Know this….

There are times when exhaustion would get the best of us, but we are able to carry on because of His strength, our resolve and YOUR prayers.

Thank you for strengthening us… you make a difference!
God bless you today!