Christmas in France

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Christmas is like in France ?
Today I’m going to give you a little taste!


Christmas in Paris, 2015, Instagram @andosyion, Eiffel Tower

2004 was the last time I was in Paris around Christmas and there were some incredible sites to be seen.

  • A 50-foot tree outside of Notre Dame Cathedral, decorated with red & silver ornaments.
  • A positively HUGE tree inside the Galleries Lafayette that spanned the 6-7 stories of open atrium inside the store.
  • A dazzling display of lights outside of the Galleries Lafayette store….

But today I want to show you something of what Paris looks like this year. There is a gigantic snow-globe under the Eiffel Tower: which you can see to the right.

Of course I’m not there yet, so it’s not my picture. It was one taken by andosyion, someone I follow on Instagram. Check out his gallery and you will be mesmerized by his collection of great shots!  (You won’t be the only one, he has some 2.3K followers).


 In North America we may have our Christmas parades, but that’s not typically as common in Europe… I’ve never seen one. In fact Santa Claus as we know him takes a back seat to St. Nicholas in many European homes and he comes on December 6th rather than the 25th. No Santa doesn’t, however, mean that nothing special happens…

This past Sunday some 8,000 people came out to see le Spectacle Rêve (The Spectacle of Dreams), put on by the local circus arts school on a 300-square meter stage in downtown Châtellerault. Here’s a 3.5-min video that will show you some of the highlights:

What do you think…..  Santa Claus Parade or Spectacle of Dreams?



Early this morning we took delivery of a 10′ x 16′ shed that will be stored on a friend’s property. Once we get through Christmas, we’ll begin in earnest the process of moving some furniture into this storage unit. It’s non-heated storage, but most of what will go in there should be fine.  The few things that need heated storage will be elsewhere.

We had a very positive showing on the house last weekend… pray that things advance nicely and smoothly on that front.

Four weeks from yesterday we will have left Saint John Lord-willing… (now THAT’s quite a thought!) Thank you for your prayer & financial support.
You are part of #Revival_inFrance!

…and in closing for today… a very Merry Christmas to you!

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