Old Memories & Daily Challenges

As I mentioned Saturday, this past weekend was our 7th in a row to be on the road…. and it was a special one!

Fredericton NB

In a couple of ways it just felt so right to be at Capital Community Church (CCC) this past weekend.


The guests for their weekend Missions Conference were ourselves and Bro. & Sis. Bruce Howell (Gen. Director of Global Missions UPCI), but because of flight delays, the Howells weren’t able to get in until late Saturday night, missing the first service. In his stead, CCC Lead Pastor Raymond Woodward spoke.

The reason it felt so great was this: when I first came into Pentecost in the mid 1990’s, Bro. Woodward was in the Saint John church and music was led by Jack & Kathy Leaman… so everything just felt so familiar!


The services were great on Sunday!  In the morning, Bro. Howell preached on the protection that can be found in the walls of salvation… and in the evening, on the fact that Christians should always be Ready to Rejoice!  One of the neat surprises though was that the choir went from singing in English to French (without warning)… How cool to hear that!  It caught me by surprise, so I didn’t catch all of it, but here’s what I did get.


Budget Progress…

FullSizeRenderCCC members gave liberally this weekend and their generous offering put us up to 65% of our required budget.

But over and above that offering, they also showed some love to our kids in a special way as well. Saturday night the kids went forward and church members put a total of $329 in their hands… so just under $110 for each of the kids.

Can’t thank you enough CCC for all the support you have shown us!

Crunch Time

To finish off today’s post I’m going to be a bit transparent. I’d ask for and extra covering of your prayers over the coming weeks.  There is so much that needs to happen and only so many hours in a day. Feelings of being overwhelmed are never far off as there is a keen awareness of the pressure to:

  • sell the house & correct a few things in preparation for that
  • prepare to transition my church and District responsibilities, including the publication of the monthly district magazine.
  • continue sorting / packing / purging
  • maintain responsibilities in our local church where I’m employed full time
  • prepare paperwork & immigration formalities
  • complete fundraising our budget

…all while we continue to travel each weekend for the remainder of November
(We intentionally have no services/travel booked for December).

Do we know that we are in the will of God? …yes
Do we know that he’ll take care of the details? …yes

But in the meantime it’s still a great deal to juggle in the day to day… we need his strength more than ever, not just to get it all done, but to maintain our joy in the process.

the Bottom Line

God is getting ready to do some incredible things and we’re so privileged to be part of it. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Thanks for following us and for praying so faithfully!