Quebec City, Ville de Québec, YQCGood morning from Montreal!

Just a quick post today as we’re in the midst of the French Evangelism Conference at the Church in St. Laurent, QC. Anyone who has taken part in or followed the local FEC knows that the pace is incredible!

Bro. Graham has often used the expression:

“À St. Laurent, le chômage ça n’existe pas!”
(Unemployment doesn’t exist in St. Laurent)

For ministry, this is certainly the case. As an example, this Sunday there will be 5 separate services take place in the church building. And after a 4-day conference, there is a good chance that the 60-80 young people that meet for Bible Study on Monday night will still want to meet. Incredible hunger is breeding incredible revival.

The days run long and late, but are rich in teaching, preaching and zeal-filled worship – also several have been baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

It took us roughly 10-hours of driving time to get here but we broke it up with a walk around Old Quebec and supper in Lévis and a short ferry ride across the mighty St. Lawrence River. In Wednesday’s post I’ll share with you a little bit of what took place at the conference and while in Montreal. For now though, the end of a long day has come.

Thank you for your prayers… we are humbled by what the Lord is doing… and will do.

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