Top 10 Posts,, AIMLong, Mike Long, Châtellerault France is the story of an average family, doing our best to follow God’s lead for our life. At this point in the journey, His leading has us serving a local church in western France.

Top 10 Posts

As the site grows, it can become tough to know where to start, so the purpose of this post is to introduce you to the best of the best: ten posts that have been the most well-received by other readers, starting with #1:

  1. Got a call? Feed it!How inspiration and preparation make the call of God clearer and bring it closer to fruition.
  2. 7 Short Term Missions MistakesSeven common Short Term Missions mistakes and how to avoid them.
  3. MK Ministries on a 3-day VisitCylinda Nickel of MK Ministries (MK = Missionary Kids) spent a weekend with us in February 2017… read about it here.
  4. Published!I wrote a Paris Travel Guide – for sale on Amazon – as an alternative fund-raiser for our continued support. See the pre-launch video here.
  5. STM can be Frustrating! – in 2017 I began a series of posts on the experience of Short Term Missions… this one speaks for itself.  🙂  You can see a general introduction to this series here.
  6. DepartureOur final few weeks in Saint John and the people who shared those weeks with us.
  7. A Hallelujah Moment A milestone in our preparation as well as part of my testimony about being re-baptized.
  8. …on becoming #AIMKidsHow we prepared our kids for leaving home, friends & family, to move 1/2 way around the world.
  9. A Week in the Life…A sort of “What does a missionary do?” kind of post.
  10. Paris in JulyPreparing to lead a team of 14 people to France in July 2014.


Kids’ Ministry

If you’re involved in Kids’ Ministry and would like lesson add-ons that will help bring missions “closer to home” for children… check out our AIMKids Missionary Moments (a series of nine lessons – 5-7 minutes each – with fun facts about France and how to pray for missionary kids).


Next Step?

Still looking for more?

If you like what you see, please subscribe to the blog for regular updates and let what you read inform your prayers for us and for the work in France. We won’t overload you; we post each Saturday morning at 7:00am Atlantic Standard Time (our “home” time zone).




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