It felt incredibly good, on Thursday night, when I pushed the “publish” button on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website. We’re almost ready for launch…. but let me start a bit further back in the week…

Youth Bowling

EuroBowl Buxerolles, bowling, youth groupLast Friday, students in our region began another two week school vacation. So we took advantage of the slightly more relaxed schedule to spend Sunday afternoon together with the other young people, after having a youth-focused service on Sunday morning.

Sophie had a friend visiting from another church up north as well so she was, for once, not the only teenage girl. This was a huge blessing for her! The girls met fairly early on in our stay here, but only rarely have the chance to be together due to distance.

The Gift of Dog Walks at Night

Chatellerault, Pont Henri IV, Henry 4th Bridge, manufacture, La Manu, La Vienne, Vienne River, Light trails, Slow Shutter app

After bowling, we headed back to town where I went up to visit with one of our church members who has been in hospital now for nearly two months.

Knowing that the dog would also need a walk, Pollux came with me (waiting in the car while at the hospital) and after the visit, we walked the loop of the two bridges downtown.

That’s another of my favourite walks. Pollux gets to see other things while I talk to the Lord about the day and about the city. You can read more about it here.

Not your average bag o’ chips!

Pringles, potato chips, Xmas Turkey, Pigs in Blankets, snack food

On a completely unrelated topic…

You know you might be in France when Pringle potato chip flavours include: Pigs in Blankets and Christmas Turkey.

Naturally Timo wanted to try the Pigs in Blankets.

Since we were living on the edge, I picked up a bag of  Warm Goat Cheese chips… Yeah…. not my best decision. Pass the Salt & Vinegar please!



#Paris3DaysNoStress, published, Amazon Kindle, eBook, published author, author central,

As I mentioned above. My eBook:
Paris 3 Days No Stress:
A Travel Guide
is now published on Amazon. That’s a pretty incredible feeling.

That being said, it is currently only available for pre-order and will formally launch on March 31st. The pre-order cost is $3.99 but upon launch I’ll be doing a free promo for a couple of days before jumping back up to $3.99 (prices may vary slightly according to Amazon marketplace).

The main goal for writing this eBook is to provide an alternative funding source for our time in France.

At one point today it made it up to #20
in Amazon’s Tourist Destinations & Museums category… so excited!



Want to Help?  There are two ways you can.

  1. You could help immensely simply by clicking below to Spread the word.Tweet: Know someone planning a Paris trip? ... Check out: Paris 3 Days No Stress: A Travel Guide by Mike Long via @Amazon
  2. If you’re less concerned about the cost & principally interested in the book, simply pre-order it here – either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. You’ll help increase its Amazon ranking, making it visible to more potential buyers.



Short Term Missions Monday

Surviving Christmas while serving on STM, Missions, Missionaries, Christmas abroad

This Monday will be another STMM post.

It may seem odd to speak about surviving the holidays in February, but it’s very possible that some of you reading this are preparing now for a short term stint overseas that will include the holidays.

Holidays are important times and are some of the times when we can most feel the pinch of being distant from loved ones, friends and familiarity. Click here for a few tips to help you survive like a pro!

That’s it for another week in France.
Thank you for your prayers and support!







9 responses

  1. Wow! I’m quite proud to now be able to say… Yah, I have this friend back in France who is a published writer…! Proud of you, my friend, but not surprised because you are a gifted writer. Indeed, you have a way with words on paper. Nice word, and I will be reading the book!

    • Thanks for that PB… it’s fun to try something new and when one has a limitless subject to explore like Paris, well…. the “research portion” is true bliss! …”un 2e café crême s.v.p.” 🙂

    • Hey, thank you Brigid! Don’t think that the fact that you’d written a book didn’t prod me just a bit. I’d been working on it, and another one, for some time & every time I’d land on the page of a blogger who had also published… it would be added motivation to ‘get my proverbial act in gear as well’… fighting back the little inner voice that remains a bit skeptical… 😉

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