On the Road again… Bible School

On the Road again… Bible School

OK, let’s be clear… today’s feature image is not a picture of me on the road again (I’m for sure not zipping around France in a vintage, red convertible) but it is something I saw while on my way.

Stretches like this, national roads lined with Plane Trees or Sycamores, are a pretty common sight and a welcome break from the frantic pace of the highways, which are extra busy with vacation travel. I came through this stretch yesterday, on my way home from Bible School which took up the bulk of my week, but first let me tell you about an unexpected treat.

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Healed Followers

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Paris’ Eiffel Tower, seen from the Trocadero Esplanade

Jesus had a thing for them.

There were times when he went out to find a solitary place, but somehow, the crowds often “found him out” so to speak; they flocked to him.

Some followed him only to get a healing &
some got a healing because they just wanted to follow him.
My initial reaction is to assess the second group as being the more noble, but my assessment is really of very little value in the end.

“Many followed him and he healed them all.”

Of course the first thing we think of is physical healing and a contradiction comes to mind… there are still those Christ-followers that die of cancer. We can be tempted to deduct that this verse can’t hold true today, but scripture is unchanging.

They all had a healing of sorts:
Some were perhaps physical, emotional or psychological…
but since God is not a liar, they were all healed of something.

At the very least… they were all healed of the eternal sin problem…
The condition….

They followed him.

Will you follow him today…
There’s a healing that awaits you.

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Biking around Paris – the ECO-option!

There are a number of ways to get around Paris and the first to come to mind is typically the metro.

No Stress biking options in ParisWithout question, the metro is the easiest way to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Not only that, but it’s one of the quintessential Paris experiences… you’ve just got to try it at least once!

That being said, it need not be your only choice for sightseeing your way around the capital. Did you know that you can rent a bicycle for either short rides (which can be very inexpensive) or for several hours (the price, of course, increases according to rental length).


…a contraction of:
vélo (french for “bike”) + liberté (freedom)

As the name suggests, it gives you the freedom to visit Paris in a different way… many would say “a more romantic way”.

Vélib, bike rental, city bike, bicycles, ParisThat being said… while cycling through the streets and up the avenues sounds like a wonderfully romantic thing (and it is… when there’s no traffic), it can also be somewhat stressful when regular Parisian traffic is present (and it almost always is!).

In my book, Paris 3 Days No Stress, I give you 10 options for fairly low-traffic yet sight-rich bike rides around the French capital, allowing you to experience the romance of biking without the stress of heavy traffic… allowing you to get the most possible enjoyment of the experience.


If you are planning to bike around Paris, don’t assume that all open, grassy areas welcome cyclists. Although wide open areas like the Champ de Mars, the esplanade in front of the École Militaire or the Tuileries gardens may be very inviting, you need to watch for signs prohibiting bikes. There may be external pathways where bikes are permitted, but bikes may not be permitted in the parcs themselves (such is the case for the Tuileries gardens).

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Paris 3 Days No Stress a travel guide for short stays in Paris