On the Road again… Bible School

On the Road again… Bible School

OK, let’s be clear… today’s feature image is not a picture of me on the road again (I’m for sure not zipping around France in a vintage, red convertible) but it is something I saw while on my way.

Stretches like this, national roads lined with Plane Trees or Sycamores, are a pretty common sight and a welcome break from the frantic pace of the highways, which are extra busy with vacation travel. I came through this stretch yesterday, on my way home from Bible School which took up the bulk of my week, but first let me tell you about an unexpected treat.

Friends from High School

SJHS, Eiffel Tower,Late last week, I noticed that high school friends Nicky & Kevin were making a special trip for their 25th anniversary. Nicky didn’t know the final destination updated her status from each airport they passed through. When I saw that she updated her status from a Paris’ Gare du Nord, (knowing that I was going to be in the area), I touched base and we were able to meet for a picnic supper along the Seine, just across from the Eiffel Tower.

I hadn’t seen Kevin since high school (nearly 30 years ago) although we’d run into Nicky at homeschool events. It was great to reconnect over baguettes, cheese, sausages and some delectable little pastries. How French is that!?

Heavy Week!

Bible, white board, notesBible School students here spend between 2-3 years attending classes one Saturday per month and then for a full week (sometimes two) during the summer. This was one of those weeks. Students begin classes at 7:30am and continue until 5:45pm with 9 teaching periods during that time.

I taught on Paul’s Epistles (Galatians through Thessalonians) for 2-3 hrs each day, depending on the day.

In the evenings (aside from Tuesday’s midweek service) we adjudicated their oral theses. Students had the year to prepare between 50-100 questions depending on their level of study.

During their “exam” they would draw 2-3 questions and be given 15-20 minutes present a biblical answer to the question with only a bare minimum of notes for reference.

chapel service, IBF, Institut Biblique de FranceIt’s not easy but the goal is to train students to base their answers to many common questions in a solidly biblical world view. That’s no small accomplishment!

Students also took turns leading worship and giving a devotional during the daily chapel service.

IBF week is always a bit exhausting, but at the same time very rewarding as you get to build a deeper connection to students and see them shine!

Break from Highway Driving

Chambord, chapel, trophy hall, antlersAs I mentioned above, I came to a point yesterday when I wanted to escape the frantic pace of highway driving and I needed to stretch my legs a bit so I stopped at Chambord Castle, which is only about 10min from the highway.

I’d been on the grounds of Chambord many times but had never been inside.

The kids can only handle so many “big stone fireplaces and wooden canopy beds”. As Timo once said… “You seen one, you seen ’em all”… Architectural nuance and design hasn’t yet blossomed into a “need/want to know” quite yet. 🙂

So… I took advantage of the fact that I was by myself and could take my time strolling through. Here you see the Trophy hall – with racks from all over Europe – and the view from the chapel, overlooking the village church and town hall.

I got back on the road after having stretched my legs a bit and made it home in time for the family movie night … on the docket, Disney’s Tangled.

Floating lanterns for EVERY-one!!


Thank you

Your prayers this week have built up 24 Bible School students and the next generation of apostolic leaders in France. You are making a difference and my prayer is that the time you’ve spent praying for us and for France… the Lord turns it back to you in the form of fruit for His kingdom there where you are!

God bless you this week!


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