Had someone been walking along the Saint John waterfront, they may have heard nothing at all, they might have heard a faint, far-off, yet indistinguishable sound, or then again they might have heard a 12 year-old boy, as his car crested the Harbour Bridge, yell from his open window…. “Goodbyyyyyyyyee Saint John!”

Those very words were shouted on Friday morning at roughly 8:40am as we drove out of the city where I was born, where our kids were all born and where Liz had made her home for the previous 19 years… the trip had begun. Weeks of saying goodbye had come to an end and we began the long road to Montreal.

Saying Goodbye

Below are some VIPs (very important people); some are from church, some are business connections or service providers and others have been friends for a long time.  It’s impossible to post pictures of each of you and in some cases, when we got together to say goodbye, we forgot to get a photo, but each of you are important to us. You are a gift from God to us. You have contributed to who we are.

saying goodbye

Final notes:

  • Departure: Friday we drove Saint John – Montreal, but today we leave Montreal for France.  It’s a big day and we are so excited.
  • Finances: Two days before our departure, we received a call from someone who made a $200/month PIM commitment for the first year of our stay. What an encouragement that is… bringing our total commitment to date up to 83% or just over $99,000 of the $120,000 required for a full 2-year stay.
  • Car: the car is now sold and a pastor friend of ours now has an awesome second car!
  • House: Incredible news… the night before our departure from Saint John we had an initial offer on our house. The negotiating process ran it’s course and as of yesterday morning, we have accepted an offer on it. THAT is IN-CREDIBLE timing. We thank the Lord for another open door!
  • Luggage: We ended up not being able to stuff everything into suitcases as we hoped to so we shipped 3 totes and 2 suitcases via Air Canada Cargo. There was a 110kg limit before you moved to another fee-structure and, without even trying, our total came to 109kg!  PHEW!  …again, the hand of the Lord.  As you can see… the car was FILLED with the remaining suitcases (and the picture was taken BEFORE the guitar went in!).


Prayer Request

The next time I write to you, I will be writing from France… how exciting is that!?

Please pray that things go smoothly at customs upon our arrival in France. It will not be a problem to bring in any of the suitcases that traveled with us, but pray that there are no hiccups at cargo (no extra import fees, duty, etc.).

Thank you for your support, God bless you as you gather to worship Him today!!

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  1. Que de bénédictions ! Faites un bon voyag et j’espère que nous pourrons nous voir cette année par la grâce de Dieu si nous faisons un voyage en France !

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