Supporting MKs & AIMKids

Recently, while looking for something to do with how to be an encouragement to MKs (or in our case, AIMKids), I came across this information from the UPCI’s MK Ministries. It’s wonderful so I thought I’d share… Check out their website to get a whole bunch more information on ways to support & encourage MKs – they are a unique bunch of kids… far from home because of the call of God on their parents’ lives.

Below is a chart on how Ladies’ groups can help. It’s size has been reduced but you can click on the orange links below for full-sized versions of the pages customized for:

Thanks for being interested in MKs / AIMKids and seeking how to be a help and an encouragement to them! You can change a life through this interest!

MK Ministries, UPwithMKs, UPCI


 Moving Day

Finally… please keep us in your prayers –

  • Today is moving day… lots to do
  • Thursday… clean-up the empty house, oil change on the car & last supper with my mom (keep her in your prayers as well… it’ll be tough for gramma to have the grand-babies so far off!)
  • Friday we leave for Montreal… we’ll drive up and catch our flight to Paris on Sunday

But that’s getting into the weekend and Saturday I’ll give you a run-down on how today went…

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