AIMKids MM5 – Eiffel Tower

AIMKids Missionary Moments are designed to be a resource for Sunday School Teachers / Youth leaders, to help kids relate to the life of an MK (Missionary Kid). They’re intentionally short because we know you already have a lot of material to cover.


5 Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower


  1. Originally just a big gate: It was intended as a temporary gate for the 1889 World’s Fair, but people liked it so much… it’s still up today!
  2. Tons of Paint!  Every 7 years, maintenance workers apply 50-60 tons of paint to the Eiffel Tower to protect the metal tower from rusting.
  3. A Big Radio & TV Antenna: Several radio & TV stations broadcast their signals from the top of the Eiffel Tower, the tallest building in Paris (81 stories) which is taller than the Washington Monument & St. Louis Gateway Arch (see below).
  4. People people & more people! Since it’s construction in 1889, over 250 million people have visited the tower (6 million alone in 2012).
  5. Hungry? If you get really hungry while on the tower, there is a restaurant on the 2nd floor…. but beware, the cost is between $120 and $300 per person!  WOW!


Prayer Focus:

Praye that we (you in your church and us in France) will be like the Eiffel Tower:

  1. Gate: that through us, people will see and come to know Jesus.
  2. Protected: That we will take care of our “outside appearance” to protect the “core” of who we are.
  3. Antenna: That we will send “signals” that communicate Jesus’ love to others.
  4. People: That God will bring us into contact with lots of people…
  5. Feeding people: …lots of hungry people that we can nourish with the love of God.


Want a neat kids activity?  

Online games & trivia about the Eiffel Tower
Paper cut-out Eiffel Tower craft  (image credit:

Compare the Eiffel Tower and the St. Louis Gateway Arch.
(image credit: The Peoria Chronicle)
Eiffel Tower & St. Louis Arch comparison

  • If your students have specific questions, please done hesitate to email us and we’d be happy to respond specifically.
  • Please let your kids know that by praying for us regularly, THEY TOO are part of taking Jesus’ love to France… they’re part of missions!

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