AIMKids MM8 – French Food

AIMKids Missionary Moments are designed to be a resource for Sunday School Teachers / Youth leaders, to help kids relate to the life of an MK (Missionary Kid). They’re intentionally short because we know you already have a lot of material to cover.


5 Crazy things French people eat


  1. Cow Tongue: It’s cooked up and considered a delicacy (I’ve tried it). It tastes good but has a funny texture. The trick is… cut it into thin slices and it’ll “melt in your mouth”!
  2. Pigeon: Oh it’s not like they go to the nearest public park and grab a few while tossing them seeds… These pigeons are cultivated, much like we’d raise chickens or pigs. Originally, only the nobility had the right to own a Pigeon Coop… it gave them free meat all winter.
  3. Foie Gras: (Pronounced “Fwah-grah”) Is really just duck or goose liver. It’s VERY much a delicacy but there are some US states where it’s illegal to produce! It’s a little bit the texture of a can of fancy cat food… but tastes MUCH better!  🙂
  4. Horse Meat: It is common in many parts of Europe to eat horse meat although in North America it’s almost NEVER done… crazy eh!
  5. Steak Tartare: This is basically just raw hamburger mixed up with onions, raw eggs, mustard and worcester sauce, put in a flat round shape and sometimes topped with another raw egg, cuz hey… why not?


Prayer Focus:

Pray that we (you in your church and us in France) take a lesson from French food, or rather… in how God is not like some French food.

He (God) satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. (NIV)
Psalm 107:9 

Bless the Lord… who satisfieth the mouth with good things. (KJV)
Psalm 103.2, 5

In the same way that we can’t imagine eating some things, because they taste bad, smell bad or look bad… people around us will only want to taste or try serving Jesus if we serve Jesus in a way that’s looks & sounds appealing to them.  Jesus will fill our friends with good things, but we have to make them “hungry” for it when they see us!


  • If your students have specific questions, please done hesitate to email us and we’d be happy to respond specifically.
  • Please let your kids know that by praying for us regularly, THEY TOO are part of taking Jesus’ love to France… they’re part of missions!

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