Roasting Chamallows!

Never heard of Chamallows you say?
Oh yes you have… you just gave them another name…. Marshmallows.

Yard work

Campfire, Feu de camp, Missionary Paul Brochu, yard work

Earlier this week I read an instagram post by AIMer to Brazil, Jonathan DeVall, that pretty much nailed it!  In summing up what AIMers do, he said:

“What do AIMers do exactly? Well, we help career missionaries in any way they need it. Today, for instance, our old fuel truck needed its carburetor rebuilt. so, I got some parts and got ‘er running again. It’s not all preaching. Sometimes you get your hands dirty!”

This week held a bit of dirty hands work for us as well.

Last fall, the electrical utility trimmed a treeline on the back of our church property to protect overhead power lines. They did it at their cost but the church was left with the cleanup responsibility.  They rented a large bin last fall for just over $700, filled it with trimmings and sent it off, but the larger branches & pieces of wood could not be included.

We spent one day last week as well as another 7+ hours this past Thursday, cutting, hauling, picking up and burning much of the remaining wood & trimmings… and we’re not quite done yet. Perhaps one more good day  might do it.

It made for some stiffness and a good night’s sleep after the fact, but in the meantime… we found the silver lining in all that work. Bonfire time!

The kids joined us after their school day was done and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Get this… hot dogs here are called “Saucisses de Strasbourg”  (or Strasbourg Sausages) Man! The French can make even hot dogs sound fancy!

In addition to that, the boys got to learn how to manoeuvre the tractor with help from Andy (one of our local Bible School students) and Sophie had some “tree time”  (who said that skirts can’t climb trees! …girl power!)

AIMer Jonathan DeVall

Jonathan DeVall – whom I quoted above – isn’t just any AIMer: he’s a float plane pilot and works with the DeMerchants in Brazil. You need to check out his incredible Instagram Feed: Using a GoPro camera attached to the fuselage of PT-Lee, he has some truly awesome pics!  You can also check out his website… all AIMers need support and if you are able to help him in any way, you would be advancing the work of the Kingdom in Brazil.

Question of the day…

Do you remember the last time you used a public telephone booth?
Any memorable phone-booth story you’d like to share?

I remember one time arriving in Brussels central train station after a standby flight via London. Liz was already in Belgium with Dominic and I was arriving with Sophie (we had to go through Toronto Pearson in the height of the SARS crisis). I had change, but no chip-enabled phone card… Balancing a tired 4 year-old Sophie on one hand and our luggage on the other, I had to put a $5.00 phone card purchase on my visa before I could use the phone… ahhhh memories!

Thanks for visiting today… and thank you for your prayers. They are essential!