“Send-off Sunday”

Of late I’ve typically been posting the AIMKid Missionary Moments on Wednesdays, but today, in addition to the latest one, I’m also posting some photos from, and telling you about, our send-off services. Mission Point pulled out all the stops in bidding us a fond farewell and for that I must first and foremost thank Pastor & Mrs Brent Carter who spearheaded the day.

Rev. Brent E. Carter, Mission Point Church, UPCI Atlantic District

“We’ve worked together hand & glove”

I give honour to this ministry family. They have taught me a great deal both by their instruction and their example. If I am any kind of leader at all, I am better because of time spent under their leadership. I am greatly indebted to them and am thankful to God for bringing them into our life.


Sunday Morning

Mission Point Church, Saint John NB

In the morning service I talked about Disciples with Distinction, from 1 Peter 2.1-9.  Not having grown up in Pentecost, I shared with the church the great things I saw in them when I first began frequenting the church and how that drew me in. They were examples to me in the following 6 areas:

  1. Worship
  2. Study
  3. Pastoral authority & respect
  4. Prayer
  5. Holiness
  6. Doctrine

It was what I consistently saw in the lives of the Christians in this church that “made me stick.”  Thank you Mission Point for being Disciples with Distinction.

Sunday Evening

It was during the evening service that all the stops got pulled out. It was a bit longer than normal, but no one seemed to mind… here are a few photos of that night:

ML speakers kids2 family

After the time of worship, Pastor had Liz & the kids join us on the platform for what would be a combination “tribute” and “roast (oh yes! They did go there!). Other speakers not pictured include: Neil Josselyn, Ben Cannon, Maggie Stewart, Youth Pastor Nick Graham and Assistant to the Pastor Mark Robertson.

Jayne Taylor (Kids’ Ministries Director) spoke on behalf of Sunday School and presented our kids with Travel Buddies, tangible reminders that kids back home are praying for them. They’ll take pictures of themselves, with their travel buddy, in cool locations and you’ll be able to follow their adventures using the AIMKids tag on this blog.

Pastor Carter added 5 new “mini-mantles” to the Mantle Ministry. This means that there will be a family in our church praying not only for Pastor & Sis Carter but also for us: 30-min each day, for God’s power, provision and protection.

Troy McAllister and the worship team did a special rendition of recently deceased Andre Crouch’s Through it all. Wow!

Maggie Stewart & Ben Cannon paid tribute to the kids as they are great great friends.

Special Gifts

There were a few gifts given through the evening. Liz got some beautiful flowers & I got a couple of books as well as a wall hanging. A couple of things stand out in particular however.Pastor Carter & MissionPoint Youth, MPYouthEach of the kids were given a #ShopInFrance certificate of appreciation. Space will be limited as we travel over so they thought the kids could go on their very first “mini shopping spree” in France on behalf of the church. So each of them received 100 euros in cash.  Thank you Mission Point!

Peugeot 407 Station Wagon

For the whole family, MissionPoint purchased a used 2007 Peugeot 407 Station Wagon for us. (formerly belonging to missionaries Samuel & Patricia Balca who retired in late 2013). It’s in great shape and has low mileage.
Thank you Mission Point!

My 2-cents Worth

My message (Romans 8:14-15) emphasized the idea of adoption: the act of bringing together as family individuals who were not naturally part of a given family.

In the broadest sense… the entire service was based on that: Many friends were there to honour us, because they’d allowed us to become part of their family & we’d allowed them to become part of ours. Similarly, God has allowed us to be part of His family… through the grace and mercy of Jesus.

“Adoption” provides the legal framework within which relationship can happen, but it doesn’t guarantee relationship… Relationship only happens when each party allows the other unlimited access. Hence the words in Rom. 8.14-15: “If you’re led by the Spirit of God, you’re his children… and the Spirit of adoption allows you to cry ‘Abba Father’.”  We’ve all got to let him LEAD!

Good eats…

French Pastry, Baked goods

Following the service, a TON of fine, fine cuisine awaited those who stayed for the reception. A special THANKS to each one who brought in food as well as to April Sayeau, Erma Shephard, Ryan & Trisha Shephard who coordinated that aspect…

I also know enough to know that Mark Robertson had his hand all over Sunday’s event. Thank you!  Mission Point has a great Assistant to the Pastor!


We have THE most AWESOME home church EVER!
We love you Mission Point. Thank you for “adopting” us over 18 years ago!

Mission Point Church, AIMLong, Mike & Liz Long

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  1. Tears in my eyes as I read this – what a wonderful church family and what an awesome “send off”. You are making a sacrifice, leaving it all behind – God sees your burden, He sees your desire to be in His will. Mission Point will be with you each step of the way, and they will be part of each soul that you reach. The fields of France are ripe unto harvest… He is sending workers to the field in this last day. We are excited to have you on the “team”. See you soon. :o)

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