McKees Mills Memories

In late 2018, I published

McKee’s Mills Memories:
a Journal of People, Places & Tall Tales

The greatest part of the content was provided by my grandfather, Calvin L. Hicks (1921-2011) who, in 2007 composed two journals recounting his childhood and youth in McKee’s; pass-times, chores, work, school, etc.

It really had two main thrusts, discussing…

  1. Life in the Fred & Bertha (Biggs) Hicks family.
  2. Community life in McKee’s

Pouring over his handwritten journals was a real joy; winding my way through names & places, some of which were familiar, others not. It gave me a new level of appreciation for a community of which I already had scores of good memories, having spent many a childhood vacation there.

I’d like to take it one level deeper.

A Few Extras

There were a number of things that I didn’t include in the book, mainly because I wanted my grandfather’s journals to remain front and center.

That being said, there’s more I’d like to share with you about this charming little spot on the Little Bouctouche River…. photos, stories & memories of my own.

Click here to see & hear a little bit more about McKee’s Mills and…
enjoy your visit!

Your Turn…

The memories contained in this first book were really those of a single individual… one branch of a 10-branch family tree and one in a much wider community.

I’m sure there are many more McKee’s Mills stories to be told… and it you’d like to share some of your favourite McKee’s Mills Memories, I’d like to help compile them so that they’re not lost to future generations.

Not sure what to say?  Here are 12 prompts to help you get started…

  1. How were you connected to McKee’s Mills? …. through family, friends?
  2. If you’re not originally from McKee’s, when & why did you arrive there?
  3. What innocent fun were you involved in as a child / young person in McKee’s?
  4. When you talk about your childhood/youth in McKee’s, what story do you always take pleasure in telling?
  5. Who or what had a positive influence on your childhood in McKee’s or experience of McKee’s?
    How / Why did they have a positive influence?
  6. Describe a favourite memory of something that brought the community together.
  7. If someone needed to know just ONE thing about McKee’s… what would that be in your opinion?
  8. If you had to describe McKee’s in just ONE word… what would it be and why?
  9. How has McKee’s changed during your time there?
  10. Think of your parents and grandparents’ generation… what were some of the stories they told about McKee’s? What was their experience of McKee’s (according to your memory)?
  11. Do you have any notes, postcards, diary entries from your parents / grandparents that talk about life in McKee’s?
  12. Do you have any old photos of McKee’s that would help tell its story?

NOTE: If you choose to send me any material, it is with the understanding that you are, by the same, giving me permission to publish it. Note, too, that I’m looking for stories that are generally positive in nature.