Short-Term Missions Success

Defining Moments Toward Long-Term Growth

Short Term Missions, Success, long-term growth, youth missions

This book is the fruit of roughly 30 years of personal experience with short-term missions trips, beginning in my teen & young adult years. First, with the Baptist Church in which I grew up and since my mid-twenties, with the United Pentecostal Church International.


You or your church may invest several thousand dollars to go or to send a young person on a short-term missions trip. You assume, like we all do, that the experience will yield positive change that will last a lifetime, but research shows that positive change is often barely visible just one year later. That’s not my experience. Let me show you how I’ve avoided the trend and how you, or your church, can do the same.


Here’s a highlight of what I cover in the 150+ pages:

  1. My Storyan overview of how STM experiences were multiplied and grew in my life
  2. Discerning God’s call & knowing where to go.
  3. Applying, preparing, what to expect and possible frustrations.
  4. Reverse culture shock and how to ensure that positive changes do lead to long-term growth.

I’ll also give you some check lists on how to prepare and (for pastors) what you and your local church can do to help ensure long-term growth.

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