The Question:

Every once in a while, someone asks What can we send you? or What are the kids missing? 

Since I always have to stop and think what, if anything, they’d mentioned recently, I decided to keep a running list of things that are always welcome!

Important Note re. GIFT Cards
Since we are Canadian and our online accounts are with the Canadian versions of iTunes or Amazon, American gift cards can be problematic. Here are links to the Canadian versions:

iTunes Canada     Amazon.CA     Chapters/Indigo

Otherwise,  here’s the rest of the list…


The List

  • FOOD Treats

    • Kraft Dinner (USA = Mac ‘n’ Cheese)
      (for easy shipping, just send the cheese packets – We have pasta)
    • Jolly Rancher Candies or Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum (Timo)
    • Cherry Pie filling or Pumpkin Pie filling (Sophie)
      (Heavy & expensive to ship, so think twice about whether you really want to try these)
    • Red Twizzlers (Liz)
      (You know… the twisty red licorice)
    • Stove-Top Dressing (Liz)
      (Fairly light & easy to ship)
    • Lime Jello (Liz)
      (For making cucumber salad)
    • Crispers (Everyone)
      (All-dressed, Salt & Vinegar, Bar-B-Q, Ranch)
    • Coffee-Crisp bars (Dominic)
    • Ranch dressing mix (packets)
    • Starbucks instant coffee packets (Liz)
  • TOY Items

    • Different Rubiks Cubes (Timo)
      (He has the standard 3×3 cubes, but he also likes different shapes… pyramids, rounds, 2×2 cubes etc.)
    • Lego Mini-figures (both boys)


Mailing Address: 

Long Family
28 chemin de la Bruyère
Châtellerault, 86100

(If you’re able, it’d be great if you send a picture of your youth group, Sunday School class or family so that we can pray for you as well.)

Keep in mind

  • Shipping can be expensive! It doesn’t take much for weight to accumulate and the cost of shipping to rise (“Air mail” is quickest but is most expensive. “Surface mail” is less expensive but expect 1-2 months in transit)
  • A simple card in our mailbox, with short messages from individuals or groups communicates a lot of love.
    (especially for special occasions, holidays, birthdays… etc.)

Thank you!

First of all, let me say Thank you! …for expressing
a desire to send a little something special our way.
It means a lot that you’re thinking of us!