“Bring it home” in March!

Short-term change is coming!

To this point, the majority of my posts have been directly related to short-term missions (STM) in general and our particular process leading to STM involvement in France. But in an attempt to engage a greater number of readers, I thought I’d dedicate the month of March to something a bit different and so….

March is “Bring it Home” month

By now you’ve pretty much gotten the hang of the fact that I post on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. But what I will be trying to do during the month of March is show you things that are characteristically “French” and give you tips on how you can bring a little bit of that certain “je-ne-sais-quoi” into your own home, kitchen, garden, etc.

BringItHomeI’ll start out on Saturday with bringing a pretty exotic dessert to your table… no fancy, hard to get or exorbitantly expensive ingredients though… all you’ll need is eggs, milk, sugar and flavor extracts.

See you Saturday for the beginning of Bring it Home month!

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