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Here’s another post in March’s “Bring it Home” series. This one will add a little ambiance to your decor or romantic moments.

Valentine’s Day

This is how Liz got a light breakfast on Valentine’s Day this year…

  • tatted lace hearts
  • hardanger heart
  • a cinnamon roll (not particularly French in and of itself, although the French are into pastries with their morning coffee)
  • Espresso and a chocolate truffle from Maxim’s
  • a romantic-themed lamp… (you will have noticed in the Goose n Cheese on Water post, that a similar lamp graced the table on our dinner cruise)

The Little Things

As is the case with so many things French… it’s not so much in the over-statement as it is in the under-statement… the attention to this or that small detail which adds a finishing touch to the whole.

  • shoes, a handbag or a scarf to accessorize an outfit
  • garnishes on a plate to give a final touch
    (like almond slices on the Îles flottantes)
  • a small piece of dark chocolate to accompany a demi-tasse of espresso (known as “un p’tit café” or simply “un café”).

Orval Creations:

This lamp in particular comes from French retailer Orval Creations, who market themselves as purveyors of retro vintage decor.  lamp3_sm

You can see that all it is, is a plastic shade, placed over crystal stemware. What makes it easy to ship, however, is that it comes flat, and you just wrap it into shape.

*see the un-assembled lampshade below*

You can purchase a set of 3 such lampshades for only 3.81 euros ($5.25)…. the only problem is… they will only ship within Europe, so impossible to order directly from their site if you’re in North America.

What to do?

Make your own!

lamp 4_sm

You’ll want to find something that’s rigid enough to hold it’s shape well… a craft supply store would likely have something to fit the bill.

The lampshades shown here have a pattern and graphics on them, however they can just as easily be plain as well (as is the case on the very swanky river cruise).

DIY stemware lampcovers:

  • Postris (they suggest a paper-cup with a cool design and the bottom cut out of it, turned upside down on stemware).

If using paper cups, use the LED tealights… NOT real candles, as the paper cups could catch fire… and nothing kills the romance like having to blast the room with foam or fire-suppressing powder!

Bonne Chance!

(good luck!)