Pensacola, FL

Call it a “Throwback Thursday Post”  if you will… continuing with updates on some of our time in the States back in the month of May.

Short & Sweet

Our time in Pensacola was short and sweet… we drove from Orlando and arrived just in time to get freshened up and head over to First Pentecostal Church, Pastor Brian Kinsey’s church, for their midweek Bible Study.

We were glad to meet Rev. Jeremy Stafford, Bro. Kinsey’s Youth Pastor, with whom we’d corresponded a number of times but had never met. Also we got to have supper at IHOP with Bro. & Sis. Daniel & Dana Stroebel and their 3 kids (Liz had never eaten at IHOP before, and it had been a long time for me).

Bro. Stroebel had preached the Bible Study that night and taught on Letting Everything Go… how that, anytime Jesus said “follow me” people straightway left something else behind. It was a very appropriate word for us as we are definitely experiencing that now.

Thank you Bro. & Sis. Stroebel for spending that time with us. We sure appreciated your hospitality!


Pensecola Christian Academy

The kids had their heart set on seeing Pensacola as well, because they follow the Abeka Academy Homeschool curriculum produced by Pensacola Christian Academy. We’d decided to take a drive after church to find the school, so the kids could at least see it, but to our surprise we drove right by it on the way to church. We came back the following morning to actually see the school. We couldn’t actually get in to see the school or meet any teachers, but nonetheless, our kids were really excited to see “their school”.

Abeka Academy is a video-based program where PCA classes such as history, music, typing skills, reading, math, science etc., are pre-recorded and sent to us in DVD format. Liz then coordinates tests, projects, etc., and submits their results so that an academic record is maintained. This is how they will be schooled during our entire time in France and is advantageous for 2 reasons:

  • Language: While our kids speak French in varying degrees, it would not be strong enough to be thrust into the French school system. Their French will improve by virtue of the daily interaction with French people, but their education remains in English.
  • Continuity: Our kids have always been homeschooled and though we’ve used the Abeka curriculum for a number of years, we moved to this format during the 2013-2014 school year. We wanted to minimize the amount of change that the kids would experience this school year (in addition to the already big adjustment of moving to France).

Want to help but don’t know how?

The cost associated with this Homeschool program is roughly $800 per student, per school year and represents a very specific financial need within our overall support.

If you’d like to help us out financially but either don’t know how, would you consider making a donation to help cover the kids’ education.  You can do this by printing off our Pledge Card, filling it out and mailing it according to the instructions here.

10-days in France, 4 days away

Just a reminder that we’ll be leading a team of 13 young people to France in just 4 more days. Please keep the team in prayer as we travel and minister in three different churches. Look for details on how the trip is going, right here in the Blog section.

Open-invite to a really great church

If you live in, or are visiting the Pensacola area, you will find a great church in First Pentecostal Church. They are located at 6500 North W St., Pensacola FL., 32505 and can be reached at (850) 477-1100.

Thanks for following our adventure, Next stop… DeQuincy, LA.