Upper Kent to Sainte-Anne

We spent another weekend on the road here in New Brunswick, our home province, but this time in the northwest corner…

Upper Kent

Saturday was an awesome day!  A good friend and favourite “auntie” that we’d not seen in quite some time, visited us for coffee & conversation. After which, we officiated at the wedding of a great couple that we’ve known for a couple of years, UpperKentthanks to an ongoing community outreach. Then, at around 9:00pm we set out for a 3hr drive to northwestern New Brunswick.

The Upper Kent Church is  located just off Route 105 and up the road a bit from Florenceville, NB (home of McCain foods and French Fry capital of the world!). In the nearly 60 years that this church has been established, there have only been three pastors, preceding Rev. & Mrs Kent MacKay, the current pastor. This makes for a very stable and well established congregation.  They are an incredible missions-giving church and have come alongside us in our AIM appointment to France.

Thank you, Pastor & Sis. MacKay, for believing in us and the calling God has placed on our family.  You’ll be part of revival in France!


Roughly 100km up the Saint John River Valley from Upper Kent is another church to which we’d never been, but with which we’ve been familiar for some time: Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska. Two of their “native sons” have attended our home church for several years.

StAnneThis church is predominantly French-speaking, although there are some English-speakers in the mix as well. Rev. Keith Carter has been leading the church for the past couple of years but will be relocating in October, leaving the church looking for a new pastor.

This church already supports the three missionaries to France with whom we’ll be working: John & Anne Nowacki, Paul & Darla Brochu and Marcus & Renée Brainos. They have taken us on as partners as well.

Un Grand Merci… to Bro. & Sis. Carter as well as to the great church family in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska!  You folks are precious and we are so glad to finally have gotten to visit your church!  Vous êtes partenaires pour le réveil que Dieu amènera en France!!

Cue-up my “Inner Call Center”

I’d appreciate your prayers as I spend time this week touching base, by phone, with pastors from around North America, asking for their support.  I can’t wait. Really looking forward to it!

We only need another forty-eight, $50/month partners.

Keep pouring on prayer… God has a great work that He’s fixin to accomplish!
Thank you for your support!

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