AIMKids… tellin’ the truth

Since we’re away from Ch√Ętellerault for a few days of family vacation, I’m trying to minimize “screen time” so for today’s post, I’m serving up what Sophie, Dominic & Timo said recently about being AIMKids…. see below.

Just before that though…

Coming up this week:

  • We’ll be distributing more of our #PrayforParis cardspray that they make it into the hands of hungry individuals.
  • Next weekend, we’re having a special Kids’ Focus weekend with the National Sunday School coordinator: with activities on Saturday and a Holy Ghost Rally on Sunday morningpray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on our youth.
  • Once we get settled back in Ch√Ętellerault we’ll share some vacation snapshots… watch for those as well… pray for safe travel home on Monday & Tuesday.

AIMKids Speak

Note: This was recently published in the November issue of the Pentecostal Messenger (monthly publication of the Atlantic District).

If you find it difficult to read:

Click the image for a larger version
Click here to download a PDF

AIMKids Speak hi-res

Thank you for reading & praying!
God bless your day!