Faith & Limited Vision

Faith & Limited Vision

What is a man in a bowler hat and glasses, peeking out from behind a wall, doing as the feature image for today’s post?

Why that’s a good question and I’m glad you asked.

I’ll get to it, but first let me start further back in the week and work my way up to bowler-hat man…

Liz & Ladies’ Meeting

ladies-mobilisationLast week, you’ll recall that Liz was scheduled to speak at a ladies’ meeting just south of Paris in our headquarters church in Melun.

We drove up early that morning with Danielle, (whom we baptized last year). She had other business in Paris so she traveled with us to Melun. Since she lives in Tours and isn’t always able to get to church, it was great to catch up.

After Liz spoke, Sis. Nowacki found me and told me that Liz had blown her away!  …Liz always prefers to remain in the background, but she had a TON to offer and when she does speak, it’s always worth listening to…  So proud of her!

Before starting the drive home, we took advantage of the fact that it was just the two of us and we were only a short drive from Paris. We hopped into town and had a quick bite to eat just across from the Garnier Opera at a little bistro that we like.

Renewing Friendships

Jean-Baptiste Fady, Coolus, le lapin bleu, festival du BDMeet my friend Jean-Baptiste. A cartoonist who is launching a new volume at the International Cartoon Festival in Angoulême this weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in 21 years.

Jean-Baptiste is not just a cartoonist, but he’s also a Catholic priest who uses his cartoon character – a blue rabbit – to communicate the message of scripture and people’s need for a relationship with Jesus. Pretty cool!

We first met in 1996 when I toured through France with a gospel choir. We had arrived at our concert venue… a 14th century Catholic church in Perpignan. Who let us in and showed us where to set up? A young man who was there cleaning the church that day. We’ve remained in contact and 21 years later, he’s serving the Lord in a different capacity.

Since he was at the festival, and therefore much closer than usual… I drove down to have supper. He has a sweet, sweet spirit that I really like.

Short-Term Missions Monday

Short Term Missions Mistakes, List, 7 mistakes, missions, summer missions, youth missions

Monday I’ll post another article on the theme of short-term missions. This time I’ll highlight 7 mistakes that can easily be made and how you’ll get more long-term benefit from your experience if you avoid them.

It’s a bit longer than usual, so be sure to have a large coffee (tea, hot chocolate, etc.) to accompany your read. If you know someone going on a STM trip this summer, why not let them know it’s coming out.

Click here to see that article now.

Bowler-Hat Man…

So… now let me get to bowler-hat man from today’s feature image.

As Jean-Baptiste and I were strolling through the streets of Angoulême we came across this series of cartoon images painted on a wall:


The text is as follows:

3. “So, do you see anything?”
4. “Yes… take a look!”
5. “Hmmm… it’s as I feared!! …  “What? Another inter-world?”
6. “Worse than that… real life!”

I thought it was incredibly well done. The images are at least 7-feet high and the initial image really looks like a brick being taken out of the wall… when it’s truly just drawn/painted on. In a city hosting the international version of Comic-Con… it seemed appropriate and light-hearted.

The other reason I thought it made a good feature image is that in life we often find ourselves behind what seems like a wall or at least something that obstructs our view. We can’t see the whole picture and that can cause real frustration. I’m thankful that walking with the Lord allows us to have faith in someone that sees BOTH sides of the wall…

Two verses come to mind:img_7246

“When my spirit was overwhelmed within me,
then thou knewest my path.”
Psalm 142.3

“But he knoweth the way that I take:
when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
Job 23.10

When our physical vision is limited by circumstances and situations, a walk with the Lord gives us spiritual vision which, even if it can’t help us to “see through the wall”, helps us see the one that does… and we make it, faith-filled, through another day.

This is the life-long walk of faith; trusting him, day after day, month after month, year after year. And even as a forty-something… I’m still learning to walk.


Last night we drove up to the Paris area to pick up a special guest at the airport… someone here for the weekend and next week I’ll tell you who. We’re driving back to Châtellerault later today so keep us in your prayers for safe travel.

Thank you for checking in again today… it means a lot to us that you stay on top of our “comings & goings” and keep us in your prayers.

God bless you today!

Angoulême, cathédrale, mairie, hôtel de ville, église, ville fortifiée

Angoulême… another city in need of an apostolic church



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