Lift up your head!

Gate, stone wall, Bible Verse,, AIMLong

A stone wall and a humble iron gate in the countryside

I can never read this verse without remembering that it gave birth, through the pen of G.F. Handel, to one of the most beloved choruses in his unparalleled Oratorio, “The Messiah.”

That chorus: Lift up your heads

It’s as though the psalmist is personifying these inanimate objects – these gates – that simply open or shut, for the sole purpose of allowing passage into or out of an enclosed space.

It’s as though he wants to exalt them…. to make them aware of the divine purpose that they will serve on the day when the King of Glory passes through them. The humble gate will become a noble entry.

Today, we are like those gates; seemingly humble and ordinary in every way imaginable, yet the King of Glory desires to enter into our world… to commune with us and to dwell.

Our response? Raise our heads high – not because we, of ourselves, are special, but – because the King of Glory desires to enter this world, through us.

If you’ll let him pass through,
you become a beautiful gate,
and you can lift up your head!

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