4 Logos & God’s Protection

4 Logos & God’s Protection

Thursday just about did us in but we made it through. We dedicated a good part of the day to making preparations for our trip home this summer and between trying to keep all the plates spinning… we pretty near lost our marbles!

Today’s post will be a tale of four logos and God’s hand of protection.

Logo #1: Air Canada

Gone are the days when we could just log into the company’s internal workings and book our own flights from one day to the next, checking loads and getting a 1/2 dozen back up plans. These days… we reserve and fly just like everyone else.

Before coming to France, Liz had spent 17 years working for Air Canada, meaning we could fly standby at any time for reasonable rates. In fact, there was one time I found out on a Sunday, at noon time, that a friend’s mother had passed, in Belgium. By 4pm I was able to be on a flight and arrived the following morning in time for the funeral.

This week we booked our flights both to Sophie’s graduation in Florida as well as to home in eastern Canada. It’s a bit of a hassle because we don’t want to carry our 2-months’ worth of luggage into the USA with us but yet it’s economically impractical to go home first, drop stuff off, then turn around and head back out again. It’s going to take some gymnastics… but we’ll find a way to travel lighter.

Logo #2: Aeroplan

Once we get to Florida, we’ll need wheels for the week. Liz had some frequent flyer points built up so she logged onto Aeroplan and got us good to go.

You’ve got to love loyalty points. They seem to build up so slowly…  little by little but  finally they’re useful for something!

Logo #3: Hilton Grand Vacations

The next booking was for a few days’ stay in greater Orlando.

Since Air Canada only flies into Orlando & Tampa, we opted for the former where we can spend a couple of days in an HGV timeshare that we’d purchased prior to coming to France. It’ll be a relaxing (& warm) spot to kick back & get over jetlag prior to heading home.

Logo #4: OUI – SNCF

SNCF is the French version of Amtrack in the USA or VIA Rail in Canada… We’re not going anywhere but good friends from Canada are. They’re stopping in France en route to Africa for short-term missions involvement and will visit with us on the weekend of our departure to Canada & prior to their flight to Africa.

It’s possible to get a direct train from our area right to the Paris airport so we booked them some tickets and after taking them to the train station, we’ll hit the highway for Paris ourselves, in preparation for our own flights the following day. It’s going to be so incredible to have them here with us for a couple of days.

God’s Protection

I won’t go into details, but whenever you think of us, take it as a cue from the Lord to pray. There is no greater way you could support us.

This week Soph was out walking the dog and was in a potentially dangerous situation but a lady who was leaving for work (and whom Sophie had greeted only a few minutes earlier), pulled up beside her in her car and alerted Soph to what was going on.

The Lord sent angels to protect her and we give him praise for that.


As you are reading this, we’re spending the morning down at the church doing some work around the yard and in the building. Though we haven’t mowed grass yet, I did smell cut grass for the first time this week. #AndSoItBegins! Still, the weather is Spring-y enough that we can get out and get a head start on a few things.

That’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by for these few moments.
God bless you and THANK YOU for keeping us in prayer… it makes all the difference!
We serve a great God!

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