Early Christmas Present

Early Christmas Present

Well Christmas arrived early this year… and it looks a lot like Gramma!

But first… let me give a quick overview of the week…

Big Little Drummer Boy

timo drumming

First of all… do you see this guy right here? What a trooper.

Timo is left handed and which wrist did he break? His left of course. But that didn’t stop him from drumming on Sunday – albeit at a much more relaxed pace and an equally simple manner… but he did it. He’s done a great job at managing nomality despite the cast!

The Power of the Pen

This week has meant a lot of academic work for me – primarily marking, but also getting ready to teach at the Bible School on the weekend.

Since is was the last week for classes in Poitiers I administered a final test to four classes and finished marking exams for classes in Angers. In total, I’ve had about 180 students this fall, so the red pen will be my constant friend for the next two weeks.

Should I feel guilty for getting so much satisfaction out of spilling red ink?
#Guilty Pleasures 🙂

Liz… Oh Liz

She doesn’t always figure prominently on the blog – she’s more than content to stay out of the spotlight – she is the glue that holds so much together… keeping track of doctors’ appointments, orthodontist appointments, homework, and of course… translating Christian literature over and above the rest.

Gramma For Christmas

gramma, Christmas, Vaux-le-Vicomte

To avoid an extra trip to the Paris region (€120 in gas & highway tolls – $136USD / $180CDN), we planned mom’s arrival on a Bible School weekend when I’d already be in the area. But what do you do when your flight arrives at 9am on a Friday morning and you can’t get into your hotel until early afternoon?

You try to take in a sight or two of course.

Roughly 10min from the hotel is Vaux-le-Vicomte castle, built by Louis XIV’s finance minister. It was all decked out in it’s Christmas finery. For supper we found Memphis Coffee which isn’t a coffee spot at all but rather a 1950’s style diner, complete with a Father-Christmas version of Elvis!

We’re thrilled to have mom with us for a couple of weeks!

Promo Pricing on Paris Books!

My Paris books (Kindle version) are available on Amazon.com for only 99 Cents, today (11am ET) through Monday (4pm ET)!

(After that, they’ll increase, gradually, back to full price by next Saturday.)

IF you were thinking about picking one up, now’s a great time for three reasons:

  • You get it for a deeply discounted price!
  • By purchasing it during this promo (and eventually leaving a review) you help drastically improve the books’ Amazon ratings and Amazon will then start promoting it as well.
  • All purchases help fund our family’s continued involvement in Missions here in France.

You can also help by sharing the word on Social Media either by Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Be encouraged

Let me end with a thought for you. It’s a verse that I read this week that greatly encouraged me as well:

“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”
Proverbs 23.18

Thanks for stopping by again today and for your prayers.
God bless you as you honour him with your life!

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