Here goes 2019…

Here goes 2019…

I’m not quite sure how to begin today’s post. The tree is still up, but the sense that the holidays are coming to a close is becoming more and more real:

– The kids & I head back to school Monday.
– Mom heads back to Canada Thursday, and
– We’re completely drained from the last week or so.

When I left you last week, we were heading to Belgium…

Belgium & Germany

It was a short trip to be sure. We left Friday and returned Wednesday. The main goal of the trip was to give my mom an opportunity to see Liz’s family whom she hadn’t seen in person for 13 years. (The last time she visited, in 2016, her visit wasn’t long enough to allow a multi-day trip).

We also saw my “Liège Family”, the Caltabellottas. We’re not related by blood, but when I lived in Belgium in the early 1990s, the Lord brought us together, they took me under their wing and a very close bond was made.


Thirdly, we did a quick trip to Monschau, Germany – roughly 45min from Liège. Mom & Dad visited there, again, in the early ’90s when I was living there so I thought it’d be nice for her to walk down that memory lane again.

You’ve got to admit… It’s a pretty little lane to walk down.

monschau, montjoie, germany, allemagne

New Year’s Day

On New Year’s day, about 30 of Liz’s family members gathered together for a 6 hour meal.

It’s their tradition.

We ate and ate until we could eat no more. Mom enjoyed seeing Liz’s aunts & uncles, whom she’d also not seen in many, many years.

The next day, January 2nd… we said goodbye, hopped in the van & headed back to Châtellerault. We broke up the drive with only one rest-stop on the highway and a stroll around Chambord Castle (pictured at the top).

Finally, In Case You Missed It…

This happened this week… a long blog post in response to someone who, in a balanced manner and with a right spirit, questioned how I could like tweets critical of the US President.

It should be possible to agree with the individual statement that someone makes (be they private citizen, journalist, or celebrity) without espousing, or being sympathetic to, their entire world-view. In the same way as it should also be possible to dis-agree with a fellow believer, whose christian worldview and theology I agree with and espouse 100%.

“Should be” … Food for thought.

That being said, it’s not so important to me that I need to insist on continuing to use Twitter the way I have in the past. I can change so as to lessen possible offense.


I’m off to ‘over and above‘ for the night to get one last bit of ‘chill-time’ in before church tomorrow and school on Monday.

As your holidays come to a close as well,
I pray God refreshes you and prepares you for growth and all good things this year, according to his will!

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