Early Mornings… Long Days

Early Mornings… Long Days

If, in advance, you will pardon the pun, I suppose one could say that ALL our days are “LONG days”. (ba-dum… SHHHH)

If you’ve kept reading beyond that terrible pun… you’re a true follower! 🙂

I don’t know if it’s the accumulated fatigue from the fall from travel over the holidays or just what but I come to the end of this week absolutely wrung out.

Still though…..

Our Church Theme 2019

This past Sunday we discussed the theme that the Lord put on my heart back in November for the church in the year to come:

Destiné(e) A+
Made for More

There is a double meaning.

  • Each individual is destined for (made for) more. where in French “à plus” replaces the “for more”.
  • The French word “destiny” is followed by the “A+” meaning… “can’t get any better”, and it’s true. Our destiny – both individually and collectively, in Christ, is superlative in his hope. It is the ultimate hope and destiny.

This will be something we keep in view at all times for 2019.

I should’ve seen it coming..

… but I didn’t. It’s really only now that I write it down that the connection is clear The fatigue, the “meh” feeling (Emoji movie reference) that has largely characterized my week is likely a spiritual response to the vision we laid out on Sunday.

Monday & Tuesday are my teaching days in Angers (2h drive each way) so Wednesday morning was a bit of a “mind meltdown”.

*hook up my coffee intravenously please… I need to collect my thoughts.

Wednesday night on our way to prayer at church, a screwdriver, laying on the road, punctured one of our tires so Dominic got a lesson on installing the spare.

Thursday was supposed to have been completely given to prep time for a new Masters level English course that I was to teach for the first time the following day – but in stead, several hours were spent at the garage having not 1, not 2, but 4 new tires installed.

*our wallet was needing coffee hooked up intravenously

And yesterday, I taught English for 7 hours back-to-back before breaking for a late lunch.

It feels like I’ve lived a couple of weeks in just one.

Just Show Up

In the blogging and writing worlds, they say that the biggest part of being consistent is simply showing up… when you don’t know where to begin, when you don’t know what to say, just sit down and write.

That was definitely true of today’s post which almost didn’t happen because “meh-feeling” is looming large.

But it’s also true of ministry, life and faith in general.

Things will always advance if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you’re not growing by leaps and bounds, be content to see a tiny new sprout (apologies for the mixed metaphor).

So that’s what we do… despite “meh”?
We keep showing up… trusting that the Lord is faithful.

We – you & I – are Made for More.

Thanks for checking in again…

God bless you this week!

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  1. Love how honest you are in your blogs. Have been praying for you folks this week, that the Lord will meet every need. Sometimes it seems that everything goes wrong at once, but it is great to know that the Lord is always in control. He always comes through.

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