#3GoodThings – #68

#3GoodThings – #68

(Written Wednesday, March 27, 2019)

…Every once in a while I think to myself that blogging could easily be seen by some to be an extremely self-indulgent exercise. “Introspecting, introspecting and more introspecting… when will it end!?”

On one hand, I get it. On another hand though… it’s not a whole lot different than diaries of yesteryear (except for the world-wide broadcasting part); It keeps me showing up and, in this case, keeps me looking out for…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Where did the day go? After coffee & devotions this morning I went down to the church to work on a few things out in the yard until picking the kids up (Kids here only have school until noon on Wednesdays). Upon getting home with them, we all had lunch together and I went back down to the church, thinking I’d do another hour or two. Ha! I came back nearly four hours later. It was productive though. I love working down there by myself because I’m disconnected from pretty much all technology and can think; which leads me to #2…
  2. As so often happens, God hears our thoughts and knows just what we need. I’ve got to admit… sometimes too much thinking can be a bad thing – if I let thoughts about some things run too far left or right. Tonight though, we watched Raymond Woodward’s teaching on the Life Grid (#3) and the Lord talked to me specifically about a couple things I’d been thinking about today. I love it when that happens, because it reminds us that we’re not as “On the back side of the desert as we sometimes think we are).
  3. Finally, today we got to speak with a friend with whom we’d not been in contact for nearly twenty years. It was her 50th birthday and her husband had given us a heads-up so we called (she also lives in France). She had toured with us in 1995 – the summer we met – so she’s known us from the start. Ironically, another couple from that tour was dining at her house when we called so we got to speak with them as well. How nice to reconnect!

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