Home in Canada!

Home in Canada!

Well… we’re back!

Forgive me for not posting last week … it was a busy week with travel back from France and then wedding preparations between our arrival and the big day.

Let me tell you a bit about it…


Before we could celebrate with mom and her husband to be, we had to get home. The Lord looked out for us and despite a couple of major hiccups… we arrived.

In an attempt to save a bit on expenses, Liz flew standby while the rest of us flew confirmed (she has friends, still, at Air Canada who have been a blessing to us on several occasions & in several ways).

Standby travel comes with risks. At the very last moment, Liz did was not able to board the Toronto-bound flight with us and had to catch the next flight… to Montreal. Once in Montreal however, she was unable to get a flight to Moncton (our final destination) and wound up in Saint John in stead. This meant that early the next morning, I did a quick return trip to Saint John to fetch her.

The Lord had good friends in Saint John all work together to give her a bed & a breakfast and we were very glad to all be together in Moncton later that day.

The wedding was only 2 days away.


Mom married a wonderful man, Ed Brinton.

Although they’d attended the same church for several years, they’d never met (the church has two morning services and they each attended at different times).

Ed lost his wife to cancer some time ago and my dad died of cancer as well. They could both relate on many levels and they love spoiling each other.

The Lord gave each of them a gift in the person of the other.

Ed has 4 grown children and my brother & I make two… so we’ve all gained new step-brothers & sisters. The day following the wedding, we all got together to get to know one another a little bit. Great folks!

Since my brother lives far away and we’re in France, it’s pretty neat to know that the Lord has given mom someone to love, who’s right there present every day.

As anyone knows, who lives far from parents… there can be some guilt associated with the distance… even if that distance is caused by a desire to follow God’s call.

God has blessed my mom and we were blessed to be able to share the day with her and her new husband.


Now we find ourselves playing a bit of a waiting game. The kids will attend North American Youth Congress (NAYC) in St. Louis, MO in just eleven more days. This is why we’re not flying back to France right away.

We’ll spend a bit of time in Saint John next week (we drive down tomorrow) then send them off to NAYC the week after that.

In the meantime, we’ve been spending our time visiting family and old familiar places… like McKee’s Mills, where my parents lived up until dad’s death.

Time there meant rediscovering gi-normous moon mist ice cream cones at the dairy stand where gramma & grampa used to take them as kids.

It meant appreciating the wind blowing through a neighbouring field left fallow for the year… on the other side of the fence.

It meant visiting grampa’s grave site and finding the tombstone of your Great, Great, Great Grandfather (born in 1851not to mention the grave from their Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather – 7 generations). When you live in a country (France) where you have no roots… it’s nice to come back to a place where your roots run very deep!

Finally it meant some paddle-boarding for the boys in the Northumberland Straight.

Essentially, it meant down time, interspersed with time spent among family (old & new). It did us well after a busy month of June – between end of school, AYC, etc.

Please Pray…

Tomorrow, we’ll be ministering at the church here in Moncton… very faithful supporters of our ministry in France. Then we’ll be heading down to Saint John to spend a few days in our home church, where we’ll be ministering in their mid-week service.

In all of that, please also say a prayer for our church in Châtellerault. Bro. Brochu will be there tomorrow, encouraging the church family there in our absence. We miss them!

Thank you for stopping by today.
Please let all you read inform your prayers for us and for France!



Want to read more about McKee’s Mills?

I’ve published my grandfather’s journals about life there, growing up in the 20s, 30s & 40s. It’s available on Amazon and a lovely read, mixing all things farm life, hockey, railway etc.

McKees Mills

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