On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Last night was a late night drive, and while not all of our drives were as late as last night (or lit by as bright a full moon)… it was definitely a week of driving!

Besides teaching in Angers on Monday, there were several parent-teacher meetings in Poitiers for Dominic & Soph, and I started back teaching in Poitiers as well.

Last night it was up to Paris, (Bible School weekend) and Dominic accompanied me for a change. I’ll be quick because I teach early at Bible School today and I need to zoom out soon, so here we go!

Spirit of Fellowship

Sunday after church it was as though folks just didn’t want to leave. They petered out gradually, but there were still a few nearly an hour after service finished.

One of our little guys got his hands on the drums while his mom was jamming / singing with the kids.

(note that in the photo… Dominic is on keyboard & Timo on guitar: the instrument-switch even too me by surprise)

It’s always nice when people are content to just stick around the Lord’s house a little longer!

Missions Conference Back Home

We sat down together mid-week to watch the first of four services from the missions conference at our home church.

Speakers for that night were Rev. Brocc Chavis (North American Multi-Cultural Ministries) and Missionary Nathan Harrod (Spain).

The Harrods have a unique ministry as God uses him mightily in the area of healing & miracles, so much so that people in their Barcelona church are very surprised if no one is healed in any one service!

Faith to be Healed

Pastor Harrod shared the testimony of a lady who wasn’t a member of their church but who had been diagnosed with stage 4, pancreatic cancer. Her case was so serious that she was part of a new drug trial, the nature of which meant that, for every case, everything was documented, re-documented and documented again. She was seeing no significant improvement until one day she came for prayer at the church.

The next time she went for testing the doctors were furious with her. There was no sign of cancer in her body at all and they were sure (a) she’d gone somewhere else for another treatment and, as a consequence, (b) put into jeopardy the entire drug trial.

She hadn’t gone anywhere else and the only other treatment she had was performed by the Great Physician… Jesus!

Let it be so in Châtellerault!

I’ve always loved missionary conferences because when we get out of our comfort zone, we experience God a little more keenly. Missionaries who go (including us) often feel that they are “over their heads” so-to-speak and out of their comfort zones… yet they see God at work!

We are anxious to see such things happen in Châtellerault. Lord increase our faith in you and your limitless ability!

Let me give you an illustration…

This week we threw some eggs into an incubator in hopes of replacing the hens we lost in the Spring.

An incubator is an unnatural environment, but if the conditions are right, God can bring life out of it; life that can grow and eventually nourish others.

So it is with missionaries in general, and us specifically. We’re not in an entirely natural environment. We’re “strangers in strange lands” so-to-speak, yet if the conditions are right (temperature & humidity in the case of eggs in an incubator), new life springs forth.

In our case, as Christians, the “right conditions” are a little different but if we’re humbly trusting in Christ and trying to grow in his likeness… we can be like that incubator. When people spend time with us, those right conditions help bring to life the seed of faith that is planted within each of us.

Please Pray…

…with us that God helps us, as we seek to advance his Kingdom in France.

God bless you today!

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