Keeping afloat?

Keeping afloat?

Did you notice that I didn’t post last week?

Ugh! I don’t like messing with (or messing UP) the schedule but it just kind of worked out that way… and almost did again today, but I’m determined to not leave you hanging for two weeks in a row…


I wish I knew how it is that one extra class can make such a big difference. Last week was the first week that I added an extra university course on Friday, bringing my total number of contact hours to 6 for the day. They fall back-to-back with no lunch break so by the end, I’m worn out.

Yesterday was the same. I taught for 6 hours, made my way home through highway snags and an intersection accident – nearly doubling my drive time. Thankfully it wasn’t anything major, but I then had to turn around and drive 3 more hours up to Melun for Bible School today.

Bible Study & Answered Prayers

Liz is continuing to do a home Bible study with Stephanie – a lady we baptized last year. They have a wonderful connection and we’re all really convinced that the Lord blessed them with each other.

Out of the blue, at the table this week, Sophie commented on how the Lord had really answered her prayer several times over. She’d been praying for opportunities to talk to other young people about Jesus and she mentioned several times, over the past two weeks, that people just “out of the blue” came to her & they had deeper than normal conversations.

I’m thankful that God is showing himself faithful to our kids!

New “Renters”

Although we rent… we’ve taken in 4 new renters… of the cute & fluffy persuasion. My friends out at Over & Above lent me a small incubator and we hatched out 4 Australorp chicken eggs.

It looks a little spooky at night, with the red heat lamp on them, but we’re looking forward to having very tame hens again (& hoping there are no roosters).

Surprise Date

I surprised Liz with a day out on Tuesday. We didn’t do anything too extravagant, just packed a pic-nic lunch and drove to the Chateau d’Oiron, about 45 minutes away. It’s a national monument that houses a collection of contemporary art.

I discovered that I’m really not a fan of most contemporary art, but the important part was just to spend some alone time with Liz. Since we both have an endless to-do list, even on Tuesday & Thursday when we both find ourselves home, we’re really not focused on each other. We may be together, but we’re focused on other things.

Time for a change!

We just took the day & went; walked around laughing at the ridiculous “art” and taking the odd selfie. Over lunch, we read some old Sicilian legends before eventually making our way back into town to collect the kids after school.

It was great to reconnect & focus on just us!

Enough for Today

It’s a Bible School morning, so I’m going to leave you with that. Please keep us in prayer in October. It’s going to be so busy that I’m a little apprehensive of it, truth be told.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by & the Lord bless you richly today!