Navigating “New”

Navigating “New”

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a post this week that mentions “Moss Season”. It’s another term I use to affectionately refer to the lead-up to winter and late Spring.

As much as the summer was drought-dry…. the last two months have seen us receive just under 2x the average amount of rain for this time of year. Besides gradually refilling the water table, the abundance of moisture – combined with cool temperatures – means that moss grows like a bad weed!

(Below you’ll see a pic of moss beginning to flourish on a tar & gravel roof at the university.)


…isn’t the only thing we’re navigating though… Today, we’ll be in Poitiers with the kids for an university information session.

I suspect that it’ll be like a traditional university student fair in many ways, except that the process of applying is vastly different here:

High school graduates submit a file to an online system, indicating their areas of study completed, their marks to-date and their “wishes” in terms of university… listing their 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice etc. The online system then weighs all the info and sends their file to the most appropriate school (whether that school is located 30km or 500km away).

*gulp* …….. That’s very new and could have huge implications… so today we’re wading into that pool a little bit. Would appreciate your prayers for the kids and the process.

Timo’s New

Dominic & Sophie aren’t the only ones considering new things this week, Timo will spend the week on a workplace discovery internship at a local bakery here in Châtellerault. His school program will see him do 3 such internships throughout the year, this is the first. If he’s chosen the bakery, it’s because that’s a career that he’s considering.

Would we complain about an in-house croissant & “pain au chocolat” maker? …… Ummmmmm, no! 😉

School Winding Down

As for my school involvement, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as far as the fall semester is involved. I have one more week of classes in Angers and things in Poitiers wind up on December 11th.

With the onset of daylight savings time, I leave home under the dark of night and come home to the same. While that allows me to romance of seeing villages under a soft yellow glow as I drive through, it will be nice for a few weeks’ break from the driving.

I’ve felt like I was drowning in corrections this week (see pic further up) and that will only continue until semester marks are submitted. (Can all the teachers out there say “Amen!”)

A Great “New”

Meet Florian.

You’ve seen him on the blog once before, with his mom & dad.

Last night, for the first time, he & his parents joined us for prayer at the church. Typically they only come for Sunday service, but they made a point to being there after their work day and a 35min drive.

Florian, however, is no stranger to prayer. His mom is a real prayer warrior and we know that because when Florian is at church during a prayer time (usually in Sunday School or during altar time), he typically has his hands in the air and is “praying” in his own little 2.5 year-old way… with prolonged moanings.

Florian hears his mom pray at home and has learned to imitate her.

Parents… your kids watch you and take their cues from your example… what are they picking up?

It was so great to have them join us last night for prayer.
I just feel like Sunday’s going to be extra special.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Truly God is continuing to do His work, in His time, and we’re thankful to be part of it.

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