(re) Construction

(re) Construction

Just a quick post for today as it’s a Bible School weekend the day will soon be in full tilt.

Today’s feature photo (see larger version below) is, exceptionally, not one I’ve taken personally, but one which was published earlier this week by the National Heritage Foundation and features Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral as seen from a construction crane erected to work on restoring the world famous monument.

Above the Noise

This has been a dizzying week newswise: Attack & counter attack in Iran, airline disaster that affected many Canadians, Harry & Meghan – the Duke & Duchess of Sussex – effectively ditching the Royal Family and, in France, continued strikes protesting pension reform.

The world is truly in a fierce downward spiral.

Yet far above the noise and confusion of France’s capital city, there stands a tall construction crane. It was built over weeks and now is set to quietly facilitate the re-construction of one of France’s most recognizable monuments. For those of us who will never sit in it’s control box, the photo affords a different view, a fresh perspective… and it’s beautiful.

Similarly, sometimes we need to get above the noise in order to get a fresh perspective.

That’s what we’re doing in the month of January. Like many of you, January is a time of prayer & fasting, seeking God’s direction for the new year and trying to get above the noise of life that can so easily distract (and discourage).

(re)Constructing a Church

Before the roof of Notre-Dame can be restored,

  • someone had to erect a crane,
  • someone will have to remove the melted scaffolding,
  • someone will have to remove rubble & debris from above the vaults,
  • someone will need to test & perhaps reinforce the strength of the masonry work, etc.

To some extent, we too are trying to re-construct a church… building it brick by brick and stone by stone. It’s not always newsworthy, it’s not always predictable, precise or pretty, but there are individual, intermediate steps which, if done faithfully and properly, will lead to a wonderful, final product.

Why do I say re-constructing?

Because for many people, the notion of God / church has been completely or almost completely broken down in their life. Our job is to relay what we’ve seen & heard God do… to be a witness, with the end goal that the notion of God / church is rebuilt in their life to a point where they recognize their need for Him / it.

Last weekend we enjoyed lunch with the family that drives in from Angers. It was a simple dinner with folks who had driven over an hour and a half to come to church – we didn’t want to send them back on the road with an empty stomach. We wanted to get to know them more and help (re)construct a church in their life.

The Lord is doing a work in their family… and we’re thankful!

I’ll leave it off there for today. If you didn’t get a chance to read about my “Snow Day” in Angers, I posted it earlier this week, why not go back & take a glance.

Thank you for stopping in today.
Thank you for helping us (re)construct a church in France!
God bless you much!

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