GoodThings & Covid-19: #10

GoodThings & Covid-19: #10

The other day I mentioned that Liz had gotten a text message indicating that it was week 2 of confinement. She also got a second text, this one less light-hearted.

Someone we know has tested positive for Covid-19. Not someone in our immediate, day-to-day circle or even that lives particularly close, but someone close nonetheless.

What’s more, in the little Over and Above village where I house-sit from time to time, a senior citizen care home has had several confirmed cases.

Little by little, it is hitting closer to home. Am I afraid? Nervous? Rattled? No. Concerned for those in question? Sure. Worried for us? No. We do what we can in terms of social distancing and remember that our lives are in God’s hands… he is an anchor for our soul.

Let’s move on to…

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