“Soup to Milk” … extremes

“Soup to Milk” … extremes

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There’s an expression in French… « soupe au lait ». It is used to describe someone (or something) that’s unpredictable, who can change moods quickly, someone of whom you want to be a bit wary. The quick explanation is that soup is hot and milk is cold… opposites… extremes.

If that expression comes to mind, it’s because Liz used it the other day to describe the weather the past few days… unpredictable. In the same day, we can have sun, showers, ominous clouds, blue sky, light breezes and heavy winds. Make no mistake, we’re well into Spring, but there are days…. It seems that our worlds, these days, is very much “soupe au lait”.

If I could draw on a somewhat related expression (about “extremes”) for the purposes of today’s post, it’d be “pleasure and pain”, for there’s been a bit of both over the past few weeks. Let’s start with the pain and work our way to the pleasure…

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