Where’s my Blogging MOJO?

Where’s my Blogging MOJO?

I’ve been having a hard time finding my blogging MOJO of late.

I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I have a hunch… it’s related to a blog post that’s in the works but not yet published. I was hoping to have it out 2 weeks ago, but that didn’t happen and I’ve come back to it a couple times, but am just not quite satisfied yet.

Perhaps the MOJO will return when that post is up… but in the meantime, here’s a more recent glance into France…

Visit from Bordeaux

Last week, a couple of the young people from the church in Bordeaux came up for a visit and spent two days with our kids.

It’s something they’d planned to do a month or two ago, but then COVID-19 got in the way and lockdown had us all confined to our respective corners.

Aside from hiking around town, grabbing McDonalds, chatting & praying together, they also spent an afternoon kayaking / canoeing out on the Anglin Rivers (as in, Angle-sur-l’Anglin, one of our favourite little towns nearby).

It was sooooo good to have them around. It gave our kids some regular “hang time” with Christian friends. A rarity for the most-part (unless you count facetime & other video conferencing apps).

Thank you to the church in Bordeaux who has repeatedly looked out for our kids & taken them under their proverbial wing.

Riverside in Châtellerault

It wasn’t entirely due to time spent out on the Anglin, but I’m sure it drove the last nail into the coffin so to speak.

Dominic took some money he’d saved up and bought himself a second hand kayak off of France’s version of Kijiji / Craigslist.

My dad would have been THRILLED! (he was an avid outdoorsman who sold Old Town canoes & kayaks.)

Dominic knew of a dock at the local rowing club so I drove him down this week. He kayaked 6km (3mi) in just over an hour while I sat in the shade on the dock and read. It was wonderful.

Because this part of the Vienne River is just above a small dam, the water is deep and reminded me so much of sitting on the banks of the Saint John or Kennebecasis Rivers back home.

That did my heart well.

Mothers Day – part II

Why part 2? Well, as part of Liz’s original Mothers Day gift, she got a “Date IOU” to a dear little tea room that we’d been to before, but it had been a while. Yesterday, we finally made it, and to drive the point home, she got another Mothers Day card, courtesy of Cardamama.com.

Cardamama is a friend of mine back home, Johanne McCullough who makes gorgeous, hand-made greeting cards – easily cusomizable (just check out her Instagram account). If you love giving gorgeous, unique cards (that are usually less expensive than store-bought, brand-name cards), Johanne is your go-to source!

A combination of Coffee, lemon meringue pie & lemon-cherry pound cake will do wonders to starting off a great date… even if it’s only 11:00am. 😉

Zinnias by Candle-light

Technically, I suppose that wasn’t our only date this past week. There was one evening where we worked out on the patio table, accompanied by coffee & candlelight.

I’m thankful that God allows quiet moments amid busyness.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I realize that I don’t always share specific church related things to pray for, but when you pray for us… the Lord knows how to direct all things. We covet and appreciate your prayers.

God bless you!

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