Lockdown #2 – Day 1

Lockdown #2 – Day 1

Well… as of last night, France went into a second lockdown. I can’t say I was surprised.

In fact, I would’ve been surprised if we hadn’t gone back into some form of confinement. So much so, that from the beginning of my classes at the University of Poitiers, I got students set up on Edmodo.com, a site that’s really intended for distance instruction / learning. Students have already been submitting work there so I expect little to no disruption for them.

I think I’m going to try going back to short, daily posts for the duration of the lockdown, since we’ll be severely limited in our ability to leave the house (yes… we have to complete special government issued forms justifying any outing away from home).

Day 1

We’re all still on the autumn school break, so everyone’s home with no scheduled activities per sé.

The photo below shows you what the front yard looked like this morning. After roughly three weeks of a lot of rain, having a sunny first day of confinement was a particularly nice treat. Thanks Lord!

Can I be perfectly honest and say that I don’t particularly mind being on confinement?

  • Fortunately we have a yard, so we can get out when we need fresh air.
  • As for teaching… I can do it virtually and while I’ll miss face-to-face interaction with students, I won’t miss the driving.
  • Bible School has been virtual anyway, no change there.
  • With age, I’m becoming more of a home-body.
  • Church is different… We’ll have to begin connecting virtually.

France in 2020

I’ll also try to share a bit, in small, bite-sized nuggets, what things are like in France right now. It’s not quite as ugly as pre-election America, but it’s certainly not pretty. More on that tomorrow.

For today though, I’ll leave it there… short & sweet.
Lockdown ‘part deux’, has officially begun.

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